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Hey All,


I installed Samba 3 on my Lion Server in an attempt to connect Windows users via LDAP auth. Turned out to be more than I could wrap my brain around. So I ended up using pGina and it works great for what I need (basic user management).


I would like to remove or disable Samba 3 as it is still running behind the scenes and every other line in my log is related to it.


I tried running uninstall through mac ports but I fear I just unistalled mac ports instead. (I am a little new at this).


Is there a way to remove samba 3 via terminal? Or even just shut it off so it stops running?


Any help would be much appreciated,



Mac OS X (10.7.4), Mac OSX Lion Server
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    The chances are that any background service, whether via MacPorts or not, is controlled via LaunchD, and there are just a couple of places that LaunchD looks for processes to manage.


    Each process has a corresponding .plist file that tells launchd what, and how, to run - your fix should be as simple as finding this file and either unloading it (to shutdown the process) or removing it and rebooting (so that it doesn't load next time).


    So look in /Library/LaunchDaemons for a file that corresponds to your Samba 3 process. The simple fix is to remove it and reboot, or you can:


    sudo launchctl unload -w name.of.the.plist

    (where name.of.the.plist is the name of the file you want to unload). The 'unload' tells launchd to kill the process, and the -w switch writes that change so that it's persistent across reboots.