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We use Casper as our MDM for iPads. We use Configurator to set up  the devices. The problem occurs when trying to do a silent install of both the wireless and enrollment profiles. The installation always errors (unable to install profile)  on the enrollment profile. The wireless installs just fine. I think the problem lies with the speed at which the device picks up an ip address. If it takes to long, the enrollment profile install times out as it is dependent on being connected to the network. Has anyone else experienced this problem or do you have any suggestions for a work around? I have tried to backup a device with the wireless key in the keychain but the backup fails to hold on to that key. I have also tried to backup with the wireless profile installed but the moment I try to install the enrollment profile, the wirelss profile gets removed and then I get the error again. Hope it makes sense.

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    I am having the same issues.  I have tried everything I can think of...I got it to work with one device unsupervised and I got it to work with one device supervised following theses instructions:



    First, open Configurator and go to Prepare.  Leave the device name blank, and turn Supervision on.  Do not select any other options or any profiles.  Hit Prepare and connect a device.  Once it runs through the process and the device is Supervised, then manually go through the activation process until you finally reach the Home screen on the iPad.  Now, in Configurator, go to the Devices menu up in the Menu Bar, and choose Backup.  Save a backup of this device.  Once this is done, we can UnSupervise the device through Configurator which will restore it to factory defaults.  Once done, unplug the cable from the device.


    Now, go to the Prepare tab, choose your naming scheme for the devices, and turn Supervision on.  Leave iOS set to Latest, and for Restore, make sure you choose the backup we just created.  For Profiles, select your wireless and enrollment profiles.  Hit the Prepare button, and connect your device.  What will happen is the backup will be restored, and the wireless and enrollment processes will be completed, leaving you with an active and fully enrolled device.  Any additional devices connected will follow the same activation process.


    However, I am trying this with 8 devices as a beta test for an additional 250 devices.  I still cannot reach multiple devices at once with any acceptable percentage of success.

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    I attempted that solution previously and it did not remedy my situation.

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    What does JAMF software have to say about all of this?  After all it is their flagship product and you are their paying customer.