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    I highly doubt that.  My understanding is that once you choose delete now thats all she wrote.  Like the SIM is removed from the verizon system or something.  You should be able to get a new SIM though for free.

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    I agree with you. My understanding is that the sim card has to be preprogamed by verizon before it can be used.The sim card with out data loaded by verizon is worthless.

    Thats why you get a new phone number for your ipad when you start a new sim card.

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    just to remind all of how we got here



    When you suspend your prepaid account you choose the DELETE LATER option.

    This will stop automatic billing of you credit card and let you continue to use the remaining data you have paid for.

    There will be a caption message that read ( after 5 months of inactivity your prepaid account will be deleted.

    So be sure and use it at least every 5 months.


    Now once your automatic billing has been suspended. If you go back to managing your account settings you will see that he only option you have concerning your account is    DELETE NOW

    DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT  EVER CLICK ON DELETE ACCOUNT NOW . It will cancel your SIM card and you will have to go to the verizon store o get a new SIM card with a new phone number.


    So when it comes managing you prepaid plan always when given an option choose DELETER LATER.If not given two  options ,then do nothing.

    If you are only given one  option then do nothing for you credit card is not set for automatic bllling.


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    I bought the iPad3 Verizon cellular model in March 2012.  Activated the cellular for the $20 plan, used it for a month to make sure all was well, then cancelled it.  3 or 4 months later, I was traveling so activated it again.  No issues, it worked fine.  After the month ended, I cancelled again.  I don't remember if I did DELETE NOW or DELETE LATER.


    Then 6 months later, went to activate it again for a trip.  Oops - SIM card invalid!  Found this forum and read all the posts and concluded I also had this same issue.  Most likely mine got burned because I went longer than 5 months without activating it.


    I have already upgraded to iOS6.2 and that didn't fix my issues.  After reading all the posts, I decided I was not going to deal with Verizon either on the phone or in the store, or the Apple store.  This is what I did and it worked for me:


    1. Purchased a new Verizon 4G LTE SIM3FF card on eBay for $7.95.

    2.  Installed the new SIM

    3. Turned off WiFi (not sure this is necessary but I read somewhere to do this before reprovisioning).

    3.  Went into Settings... General ... Reset... Subscriber Services and selected Reprovision account.

    4.  Waited a few minutes.

    5. Powered off the iPad.

    6.  Powered on the iPad.

    7.  Turned off WiFi (not sure this is necessary, I think I read it somewhere).

    8.  Went into Settings... Cellular, View Account and yippee! It had recognized my new SIM and asked me to create account.

    9.  I created a new account, using a different email address than my previous cellular SIM was on (someone recommended this). 

    10. Activated the account, and it now works again. 


    I spent $7.95 which stinks due to Verizon and Apple misrepresenting their service, but in my opinion far better than arguing with Verizon and/or Apple for a few hours on the phone or in their store.


    My future plans will be:  When I cancel after the month, I will use DELETE LATER.  And, I will activate it every 4 months to be safe.

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    Yea you are correct in the work around and what we have to do to make our iPads work, but the long and short of it is .verizon does not advertise or put in the fine print anywhere that the Simm will be burned.  very deceptive advertising practices, FCC should do something, file your complaint, and you will get a very nice man to call you to appease you, but it looks like they have done nothing they told me they would do.  How gullible was I.   It should be against the law, but they will get away with it, the FCC obviously doesn't care either.

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    thats great.

    Can you share what company on ebay sold you the sim card.

    This would be very helpful.


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    I purchased three on ebay, and used one and it worked.  Just make sure they are the small form factor.  Mine actually came from a Verizon rep that knows what was going on and sells them for 7.95 each.  When they should be free, but to minimize our aggravation they now have cornered the market.  But for a price.

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    This is the item in ebay which I purchased to replace my fried SIM card:




    Verizon Wireless Certified 4G LTE Micro SIM Card 3FF, by seller starlinkone.

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    Thanks ill keep the link.

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    I am so glad I found this thread and the link to the sim card. I also used my account for 2 months then decided to cancel later. After 6 months I decided I wanted to use it again and sure enough I got the Sim Invalid error. After reading all the compaints online I decided to order one from the ebay link The first sim I recieved I did something wrong with the activation or I did it too late on a Saturday night and the Verizon system did not register it. I had all kinds of errors and the next day said it was active but I could not get in the account page or add any credit to the account. After an Email to the ebayer he sent out another sim!  They new sim arrvied and I even went further by complete erase and reset. I backed up everything and started out with a reset ipad. Installed the new sim and set up the account using the 1GB for $20. I used a new emali then the one I had used before and even a new credit card. It is back up and running just like when I bought the ipad new.  I know now to at least use it every 3-4 months if I decide to click the cancel account later. I plan to use it more as most of the hotel and airport free wifi is so overloaded and slow. 

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    I did file an FCC complaint and Verizon called twice but nothing was done.  They sent me to the Verizon store where they gave me the same runaround as everyone else who has posted here.


    I have been buying sim cards on ebay to use.  When I tried to stop my service at the end of the month, I no longer got the two options of stopping to canceling.  I could only cancel.  Sim card was burned.  When I put the new sim card in, everything worked as before until I left my home to travel.  No service.


    When I returned from the trip I called customer service who filed a ticket.  They did call and leave a message to call back.  I called today and got the fantastic customer service rep named Sabrina who assisted me.   And get this:  she admitted that Verizon had issues with sim cards on the iPad 3 service!  I was floored that someone admitted there were problems!  I told her she was the first person in the 15 I have spoken to who admitted there was an issue.


    She found my problem:  my new sim card wasn't on the account.  She corrected it and all is well.  At least until I'm ready to stop the service for a few months again.


    Why is it that we have to wait and wait for a company to admit a mistake, apologize, and try to make it right? I would be crazy to think the whole company has admitted a mistake, but what a relief to find one person who says, "Yes, you are right.  We have problems with that."

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    Just a data point - the Boulder Colorado Corporate store on 28th Street refused to provide a nano SIM 4G card for prepaid use on an ipad mini. Corporate postpaid stores will call the prepaid support Verizon number and sometimes help you with prepaid... I knew about the eBay option and moved on. Despite the "corporate" instructions to go to a Verizon store to get a SIM, the stores are NOT on-board, and will not provide a prepaid SIM card. In my case, I was asking for a SIM for future use when my current valid SIM expires. Paying for a spare SIM, vs. needing a replacement for an already expired SIM, seems reasonable.


    I have an eBay nano-SIM card on-order and will treat this as a $7 activation fee for PrePaid. PrePaid already bakes in a $10 activation premium, so indeed, we are being burned by Verizon. The advantages to pre-paid are no $35 activation fee, renewal for less than full calendar months, and no full credit validation. Verizon 4G Tablet plans provide better options than other 4G mobile broadband devices, and 4G SIM cards provide service portability to other devices unlike my 3G mifi 2200.


    I have no problem with recycling SIMs as UK Vodaphone does. I have a BIG problem with Verizon corporate stores not servicing prepaid. Verizon AND Apple need to meet the terms of cellular service they sell the ipad mini under. Namely, free to reactivate under prepaid at any time. I also question the required recurring payments under prepaid - most PrePaid services allow customers to set up auto-pay as a convenience vs. a requirement.


    BOTH Apple and Verizon should provide prepaid SIM cards since they already have them.


    eBay is the only reason sporadic prepaid Verizon service is usable at all - which is insane.


    Providing a lower level of service to Verizon prepaid customers truly defeats the purpose of Verizon stores. Verizon stores should service Verizon customers so that they will want to become postpaid. Verizon misses any opportunity to upsell the minute they tell customers they are not really Verizon customers. I went postpaid on mobile broadband last year... I would stick with that if I could reactivate service once a year...

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    I cannot believe this is still going on.  My situation started in July 2012.  The store was told by Corporate to replace the sim card.  The store refused siting inventory descrepency problems.  So Corporate sent the sim card. 


    I love my iPad.  However, with the influx of many other tablets you would think Apple would insist on these things being corrected. 


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    Just go to the Apple store and ask for one: they give them away for free (they gave me two). I agree that if you go to a Verizon store they will refuse to give you anything for the pre-paid system. They want to sell you a monthly plan (with or without contract).

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    Just an update, I had this happen to me this weekend a second time to me, as I failed to renew my account within the 5 months.  So off I went to the Apple Store, knowing the whole issue.  Get this, there were no Verizon 4G MicroSim cards in stock, and they couldn't get one.  I should have gone off on the manager, but I was so tired that I just left defeated and I ordered one off of EBay for $6.  Then, to my surprise, I saw a Verizon Store in the mall.  Although I had tried before to get them to give or sell me an unactivated SIM, I actually worked with two techs that had somewhat of a concept of what I was dealing with, and knew the difference between the pre-paid no contract plans managed through the iPad and the post-paid, no contract plans sold through Verizon. 


    One tech stated that you shouldn't need a new SIM card, you should just be able to call the prepaid support telephone number, 888-294-6804, and have them turn your card back on.  I called today about this, and was told it WAS NOT possible, and that you had to get a new SIM card and create a brand new account.  So depending on who you speak with, they may or may not believe that your SIM card is destroyed. Regardless, IT IS NOT possible to reuse a SIM once it goes bad.


    In my case, the techs gave me a new SIM and got me activated in the store on the Apple managed iPad plans. I thanked them, they said normally they are supposed to sell it to me for ~ $25, but that given my hassle already at Apple, they would take care of me.


    So the moral to this whole issue is that, A), there are misleading advertising practices, as it is never mentioned in the fine print, B) If you want to have the option to use Cellular Based data service, make sure you pay for a 30 day plan at least once over the 5 month period, and C) if you kill your account, or it expires, you will have to get an unactivated 4G SIM card.  Thankfully, this is the third account I have had now through Verizon, and it always seems to get up and running and going through the steps outlined earlier, about reprovisioning, the device. etc... Good luck to anyone else that encounters this very frusterating problem.


    - BWP

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