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  • Stanman525 Level 1 Level 1

    Seems like a lot of tech people at verizon lack a complete knowledge of the ipad prepaid plan.


    This month when i renewed my 1gig  the account site would not accept my credit card.

    So i called the prepaid at verizon and the lady did something wrong because suddenly my ipad could not connect to verizon at all.

    She then said my sim card was fried and i would have get another sim card.

    I have deleted my acconut before but this time i did not do anything from my end. So


    I called verizon prepaid again and told them my story, and the man got me going again without getting a new sim card ,so here is info to help you.


    1.Go to settings - then general- about  .


    2.  here you can read your celluar number


    3. MEID.  this is your electronic serial number


    4. ICCID.   this is your simm card number. used by verizon to track your account


    hope this helps

  • bmaldo Level 1 Level 1

    I just got my new iphone 5 on Friday 8/16 and experiencing same issues - I have no service or minimal bars, when I start dialing my bars go down to 1 or call gets dropped, bad reception, my phone gets hot because I assume it is working to try to get reception and drains the battery.


    • I tried the "solutions" suggested: reset network settings, take out sim card, hard reset...nothing has worked.
    • Verizon trouble shooting didn't find anything - so they sent me to Apple
    • Waited at Apple store for 3 hours because we didn't have an appointment.
    • Apple gave me a new phone - BUT SAME ISSUES.


    Are Apple and Verizon and other carriers working together to identify the issue and get this resolved?  What is the solution - I just want my phone to work. 

  • RogerSC Level 1 Level 1

    I'm not sure that this is the problem, since you don't mention it, but we also have terrible Verizon coverage here.  Even though we are in a "best coverage" area on Verizon's map.  We ended up having to get a Verizon Network Extender to bring the cellular at our house up to the point where it doen't drain the battery on our cell phones quickly (an iPhone and an Android phone, both behave badly with low cellular signal strength).


    Anyways, you pay per month to get Verizon service and then have to pay an additonal amount to add to their infrastructure so that you can actually use the service you're paying for.  Really a rip-off, the only good part is that the network extender is a "one-time" cost (no monthly fee).  Ours cost about $250, and it's pretty robust, been using it for over two years now.  Works well, but it gripes me that I have to pay to get the service that I'm paying for.  Brings up the cellular strength here from 1 or 2 bars to 3-5 bars throughout the house, very usable.


    I originally tried to get one for free or at a reduced cost, since I thought that we would have good cellular service from their service map.  No go, they have no sympathy or integrity, just want your money.  However, now I hate Verizon, so good for them.

  • RogerSC Level 1 Level 1

    Just went through this.  Verizon store would not give me a SIM card to use with prepaid plan, only if I added my iPad to my regular plan (no way).  No Apple stores around here, and don't like to buy things on eBay if I can get them elsewhere.  So I found one on Amazon for a little less than the cost listed above and free shipping, don't know if it will still be available when you see this, but here is where I found it:



    It was in my hands 2 days later *smile*, and is working fine for me.


    One thing that I ran into though, I had to turn off my Verizon Network Extender for the activation to go through.  I don't remember having to do that in January when I last activated it (and made my old SIM card useless by acidentally choosing "delete account now"), but this time that's what I had to do.  I've already cancelled my prepaid plan for next month since I won't need it, but did it the right way this time.  Just in case I need to use it again in the next 5 months or so, after which I'll have to get another new SIM card *sigh*.


    I'm convinced that this is Verizon's way of making prepaid accounts more difficult than just putting your iPad on your regular monthly account and paying more for it that way whether you use the cellular or not.  I wonder if Apple ever tried to hassle Verizon about their 6-month SIM card invalidation program?

  • Stanman525 Level 1 Level 1

    thanks for the info .


    Just a note.  When i tried to buy a month service to my prepaid aclcount it would not work. it said card was invalad.

    I call tech support and after they tried to get it working,things got worse and the account would not open at all.

    Tech support said my sim card was not good anymore and i would have to get another one.


    I called ltech support later and i got a person that really new what they were going and got me going without replaceing my sim card or having to remove it from the Ipad.

    I told them the simcard numbers by using the steps below.


    To find your important info about your verizon account do the following.

    1. go to settings, then general, then about, scroll to the bottom to see all the verizon info.


    The ICCID is your sim card number


    Suppling the sim card number, as i did to tech support ONLY worked because i did not deleat my account from my ipad, even though the first tech suppot person i talked to thought i did.

    Sim cards can expire ,but verizon can not fry your simcard ,you would have to do that your self .

  • RogerSC Level 1 Level 1

    Yes, SIM cards can be made useless...the term "fry" is a bit of an overstatement, but I don't see that I used that term.  Verizon informed my back in January when I deactivated my prepaid cellular account totally rather than just deactivating for the next month that I would have to replace my SIM card as a result of that.  And that has been true for many others that I have read that did the same thing.  In my case my SIM card would have been useless in any case because it had been more than 6 months since my January activation.   It could not be re-activated, Verizon and I tried really really hard *smile*.  Verizon tried to use the ID's that you mention above, in addition to the cellular number assigned to the SIM card, to no avail.


    I'm happy that your SIM card was okay, but that was not the case with mine.  While it wasn't actually deep-fried or sauteed, it was useless.

  • T for Tiger Level 1 Level 1

    Hello. My 2nd VZ micro SIM card on my VZ ipad 3 was dead again after 5 months of inactivity.  I can't believe VZ will make such a rule to permanently kill its own SIM cards like this.  If VZ wants to do something like this, do it at least after 24 months, not 5 months! I do road trip with family only once a year, so I need to get a brand new micro sim and need to deal with VZ reps at the store just to buy a pre-paid micro SIM card every time before I need data service on my ipad 3, how sad this that?? From my bad experience in the past 2 years from VZ stores, they all want me to sign up for post-paid.  They won't just sell you a $10 pre-paid sim to be used on my ipad 3, they all said I need to pay $30 to open a post-paid account with activation fee in order to receive data service on my VZ ipad 3. They are all stupid and don't know what they are talking about.


    Eventually I needed to go online and find a brand new sim on ebay and take a risk of being rip-off from dishonest sellers or they may simply send you the wrong card. Believe me, it happened!


    It seems like there is a solution to this, I just learned from my friend that t-mobile is offering free monthly 200mb for life, so I went online and purchased one pre-paid t-mobile micro sim.  Tried it on my ipad 3 and it worked!!!!!  I just popped out the dead VZ micro sim and put in the new t-mobile sim. Turned off the ipad to restart the 4G antenna and my ipad 3 did all the setting changes automatically. Open up safari and it prompted me to the t-mobile sim activation process and I was done and receiving cellular data in 3 minutes. No credit card needed if I just want to enjoy the free monthly 200mb.  Only need credit card if I want to use more than the 200mb freebie later if it is necessary.  This is totally cool and the speed is in 4G. Not LTE, but in 4g.   Not as fast as LTE, but it's fast enough for me. So glad that now my ipad can be connected to the cellular network 24/7 and it' free! Now "Find my iPhone" app is active 24/7 too since it uses very very little data to track my ipad, it is an additional peace of mind feature and it is free!!! 


    Now I don't need to worry about dead VZ micro sim anymore, truly buy data as I need it.  It totally resolved my VZ ipad issue.

  • Stanman525 Level 1 Level 1

    this is great.

    what is the link to the t mobile sim card please.

    also what would 1 gig data cost ,thats the most i ever use.


    thanks in advance

  • Stanman525 Level 1 Level 1

    maybe a  we could change to ATT also .

    Does anyone Know?

  • RogerSC Level 1 Level 1

    I bought my iPad from Apple to work with Verizon.  Does the iPad need to be unlocked by Verizon, or can I do what you suggest, just use the T-Mobile SIM card and it will be assimilated and used by my Verizon iPad?


    And do you get the 200MB of data a month with the activation, or do you have to give an offer code or something to get that?


    Thanks very much.


    Edit:  Just got the T-Mobile SIM card that goes with the free 200MB per month data (I think), we'll see how it goes.  I think that I seem to remember that the Verizon iPads that you buy from Apple are not locked, even though they are set up to work with Verizon, including Verizon SIM card.  I'll be glad to get out from under Verizon's thumb on this one, if this works *smile*.  Have alreay bought one Verizon SIM card online, and will need to buy another if I stay with them next time I want to use it on cellular data.  Not loving that.

  • T for Tiger Level 1 Level 1

    Hi Stanman525,

    I purchased my t-mobile micro SIM card at the site below for $0.99 with free shipping last week when t-mobile was doing its SIM card promotion. Unfortunately, it is back to $10 now.   For the data plan prices, you can actually go to apple's website and look at the iPad's purchase page for detailed information.  I think t-mobile current "pay as you go data plan" offers are : 500MB for one day for $5; 1GB for 7 days for $15; and 2.5GB for 30 days.  The good part is you don't need to buy any data from t-mobile until the monthly free 200MB is used up. I think my VZ ipad 3 will work for ATT SIM card too because some people posted video online and said it worked. However, I've never tried it myself, and ATT is not offering any free data.  Its cheapest pre-pay data plan is 250MB for $15 for 30 days. Not something I feel excite about.   My yearly vacation is usually 4-6 days long, so the 1GB for $15 is perfect for me while on the road or staying at hotels that charge excessive wifi fees. 




    Hi RogerSC,

    I believe all VZ iPads are unlocked if there is no contract involved at the time of purchase. I purchased my VZ ipad 3 from Apple directly at full retailed price, so it is not locked by VZ since there is no contract or subsidy from VZ. 


    That free monthly 200MB isn't a lot, but it is good enough for me to keep the SIM card actively 24/7 year round and don't need to care about my SIM card will get fried when it is not active over a given time period. Even I don't need any t-mobile's data, I just keep the cellular antenna on, so "find my iphone" app is active at all time even my ipad is on stand-by. If someone takes my ipad out of my house, I will still be able to track it and see where it is since it is connected to cellular network even without the wifi at my house.


    Hope you guys can find a good solution to the VZ SIM card issue for your VZ iPads. 

  • RogerSC Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks for the tip on the free data on T-Mobile, hadn't heard about that one.  I was wondering about T-Mobile coverage, so I hope to be finding out.

  • RogerSC Level 1 Level 1

    Okay, just activated it, but it isn't 200MB free per month, it's 200MB free for the next month.  The email that I got after activating said that the 200MB free data was good for the next month.  Good thought, though *smile*.  If it was 200MB free per month that would be worth having to try when I travel.  Given how poor the T-Mobile coverage here is, 200MB of data for the next month isn't very interesting to me, no trips in the next month.  It works here, though, slowly *smile*.  I certainly won't use it in preference to WiFi.  I suppose if my main and backup router both explode at the same time, I might use it for a day.  Probably just go out and buy another router, though *smile*.


    Don't know if it expires like the Verizon cards do, though.  Might never find out at this rate, since I might just toss it after the month of free data and get another Verizon SIM card when I travel.  Much better coverage throughout the US.


    Could be that T-Mobile changed the offer, and you really did get 200MB/month for life.  Not me, though.

  • RogerSC Level 1 Level 1

    Never mind.  I just called up T-Mobile and they clarified that even though the email says 200MB of data for the next 30 days, that's not the end of the free data.  They're trying to get the email changed to be less misleading.  They do give you another free 200MB every month, otherwise this would be very expensive data.


    Of course, the first person that I talked with at T-Mobile told me that I would have to pay $10 each month for the next 200MB of data.  I informed here that the SIM card costs $10, and the data is supposed to be free.  That was news to her, not very confidence inspiring for me.  So I called back and got someone who understood their offer *smile*.

  • BadBiscuit Level 1 Level 1

    RogerSC wrote:


    They do give you another free 200MB every month, otherwise this would be very expensive data.


    The T-Mobile website states clearly for "Pay in Advance Mobile Internet":

    Get 200 MB of data FREE every month on your tablet with an active Mobile Internet account. No annual service contract. No overages. (Roaming not included.)


    Without such a generous offer I would be unlikely to go to the effort of getting a T-Mobile SIM, though for all the hassel Verizon put me through with their expiring SIM scheme I like the idea of depriving them of any future business.

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