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  • jane2272 Level 1 (10 points)

    "I've found that the Verizon people don't lie out of malice or to deceive you, a lot of them just don't know the right answers, and they don't know that the answers that they're giving are wrong."


    Maybe yes.. maybe no.


    I've been with VZN since before they were VZN.. when they were Airtouch. That's a long time. For the most part, my experience has been good. I don't lose calls and rates are about the same as I would have to pay at AT&T. If I have an issue, they take a look at my long term relationship with them and have been pretty reasonable.


    HOWEVER, last year when I tried to buy a Mini that had data capabilty, they FLAT OUT REFUSED to sell me the last unit they had unless I turned on the data directly with them right then and there. Two different salespeople. I showed them the webpage where it said I could initiate VZN service on the mini without going through the VZN store and do so on a month to month basis. The MANAGER of the store said that only works if you buy the mini at an Apple store. It's hard for me to believe that he did not know what he was talking about. I walked out. I refused to sign up through them knowing full well I could pay $10 a month less if I did it myself. I called customer service. Of course, they agreed that I could have purchased the data capable mini and did not have to turn on ANY service if I did not want to, let alone have to do it at the time of purchase in the store. They would get back to me with a full apology from the store. HA... I'm still waiting!! I ordered my mini online from Apple, but had to wait a week or so to get it.


    I'm usually a pretty loyal person, but I'm thinking hard about moving the mini to T-Mobile if all it takes is a new SIM.

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    i also should make clear that when i comment about having an extra phone line that i mean the cell phone line must not be under contract.

    So if you do then you can add the ipad yourself at the verizon site.

    You also can replace a phone in your plan that is out of contract with the ipad from the verizon site also.The ipad picture will show up right beside your phones.

    Also when you add your ipad it does not start another contract.

    best wishes.

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    Personally, I still think that what I've encountered at Verizon (and to a lesser extent, at TMobile) is of the "never attribute to malice what can adequately be explained by ignorance" variety.  The people that work there seem largely uninformed, and just don't know much about what's going on.  And, as with most companies that have a near monopoly, at least in my somewhat isolated area, they get away with highway robbery based on this.  My first encounter with TMobile was with someone in customer service who didn't know that they were offering 200MB of data per month for an iPad, and was sure that they weren't.  I don't think that they were lying, had they known they would have been glad to make me happy by verifying their free data program.


    At least that's my take on it...I really don't think that most people like to make their living by lying to customers, but they may well not know what they should know.

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    You know the most comical part about my whole VZW experience:


    I told them "I have other devices and no other carrier does this to their customers." (Expiring a SIM card, and negating a previous deal in the process, all while being a bit condecending in the process.) 


    The manager's reply (smugly) "We aren't like the other carriers!"


    Well, I could have told them that.  The main difference is that they think it's a good thing, and I thought it was a horrible thing. 


    Amazing the differnet customer service expeirences.  Apple store = Amazing, customer focused, employees empowered to help.


    Verizon is the exact opposite.


    T-Mobile is changing.  My last few in-store experiences have been closer to the Apple model.  I'm starting to be quite happy with them. 


    As to the earlier question: I do not have any other Verizon lines.  (I bought the VZW iPad to sort of test the waters, because they included teethering at a time when at&t didn't, and because they *had* the best LTE coverage.)  But after this, I won't be owning a Verizon phone for anything.  (And I'll likely move to a non VZW iPad as soon as I can.)

  • Ellis Z Level 2 (260 points)

    Oh, and as for the lying part ...


    Based on this thread, the employees across the country all spout the same nonsense.  Someone is giving them consistent (and WRONG) information.  So, normally I would attribute this to either bad corporate information, or coporate deception.


    But then, when I showed the manager the web-page that said "no contract" and she replied "I don't care what it says", I start to question the sincerity of the employees themselves.  I like to think the best of people, so I hope I'm wrong.  But right now I'm not holidng the VZW store employees in much higher regard than a telemarker. 

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    Time to fire Verizon and sell the VZ shares.

    (TL;DR: Verizon's handling of LTE sim cards is very unreliable (they fried mine twice over the air) and also contradicts their clearly stated no setup fee and no reconnect fee policy in a bait and switch manner. )

    I bought an LTE ipad3 about 21 months ago, shortly after it was released. It's still a terrific device even two generations later. But Verizon's support for the LTE modem is atrocious. I have never successfully used it except for a brief test after my second visit to a Verizon store to get it working. The first LTE sim card was invalidated by Verizon when I first tried to activate it, because of some network glitch while it was setting itself up. Customer service phone call robot referred me to Verizon store, but I had more important things to do and I didn't have any occasion to use cellular data again for a long time, but last week, when I was planning my Christmas trip to visit luddite family back east, I figured I would get it set up with a couple GB of data for my trip.

    First Verizon store refuses to replace the zorked sim card unless I pay a $35.00 setup fee. This is ridiculous because this fee would not have been charged if I had successfully activated my sim card on the first attempt. The ipad was marketed in way that implied no setup fees or reconnect fees, just pay for data in increments as you need it, no recurring charges or penalties for not paying for data for a few months.

    Second Verizon store was helpful, kindly installed a new LTE sim and activated it with 4G of data expiring on 1/12/2014 for $40. (No setup fee, actually he manually waived it.) Which I foolishly paid for with cash. I was happy about the speedy resolution. I walked out to my car and turned on the cellular data, looked up my next destination on the map, read some email, and shut off the data to save it for my trip.

    I turned the data on again today. After searching and searching for a few minutes, up pops a dialog box that says "data plan successfully updated" or something like that. Cool, I think: I'm about to see how fast this nifty 4G really is compared to the overloaded wifi in the cafe I am sitting in, and I will be able to log in to my bank account without going over the public wifi.

    I close the dialog box. Immediately comes another dialog box that says that there is no more data credit left in my account. No indication of whether it thinks the data credit expired or if it thinks I used it all.

    I worry that I maybe forgot to turn off 4G the week before. Nope: cellular data usage says 17MB, never reset.

    I'll go back to the VZ store when I get to Baltimore, hoping they will give me my $40 back, but this is just too much work. My VZ shares will be sold on Thursday morning and replaced with equal parts T and TMUS (AT&T and Tmobile USA), and I will dump my cellphone plan in March when the contract expires.

  • ezeisel Level 1 (0 points)

    My online chat with a customer service rep was amazing.


    He told me that because it is a 4G device, the clearly stated terms of the prepaid tablet plans don't apply and that there is the $35 setup and equal reconnection fee.


    So I asked him to read this web page:


    He says that under the "more information" link it states that Prepaid Mobile Broadband Plan are not available for all models, and that in particular 4G models incur the fees.


    Yet, look below at the devices shown to be available for this plan. It includes ipad minis. Last time I checked, those were 4G devices. So he is obviously just making this up as he goes along.


    The data account and data credit are associated with the sim card, not the device. So if one 4G device is supposed to work with this plan, they all are.


    Hmmm. Maybe there is something messed up in the ipad3-sized sims that they never bothered to fix. (?) Did they fix it for the little nano sims in the current generation of devices?


    Is there an adapter that can make an ipad mini sized sim fit into an ipad3?



  • Ellis Z Level 2 (260 points)

    I pointed out the same page to them, and was shot down with the retail store manager stating "I don't care what it says!"


    So, they obviously don't care about false advertising, nor about consumer satisfaction.  The only mistake I made was actually attempting to do business with Verizon wireless.  It's a mistake I shan't repeat. 


    I did file an FCC complaint, but my faith in the Federal Government is even lower than it is in Verizon.  (If that's even possible!)  So, licking my wounds and moving on.  I'll likely try to sell my iPad 3 (LTE-VZW), but I hope whomever buys it doesn't try to use the 4G as I'd feel horrible for subjecting them to this Byzantine style corporation. 

  • Stanman525 Level 1 (0 points)

    Always use the prepaid number to address ipad prepaid issues.  888-294-6804

    You may have to talk to more than one person there.

    Verizon can fedex you a sim card if it is their falt.

    Avoid verizon stores unless you have to.

    The $35 setup fee only applys to putting you ipad on a monthly reacurring plan.


    Verizon new plan is Share the data,where you add the ipad to your cell phone plan and share the data plan on your phones with your ipad.

    It is stated to cost $10 but after taxes and gov fees comes out to $17.81.

    Your ipad setup fee will applly unless you have a line on your plan ( phone number not under contract) that you want to replace with your ipadphone.

    So to make clear the above statement there is no setup fee to add your ipad to a line you already have because you can do it yourself on line .

    Just go to your ipad settings ,then about,then move down to the bottom  and note the two items below.


    MEID this is your ipad electronic serial number for connection to the verizon network.just like on your cell phone.

    ICCID  This is sim card number( no need to remove the card to see the sim number)


    Just enter this info at the verizon site wher you add a new device.


    I replaced a phone out of contract with my ipad. and pay the $17.81 .( i need the ipad all the time)

    Just dont do video ,it uses to much data, ( i use about 1/2 gig a month)

    hope this helps.  MERRY CHRISTMAS.

  • Ellis Z Level 2 (260 points)

    OK, pre-paid finally sent me a new SIM.  It didn't work.  The back end doesn't think it's an iPad, and it keeps trying to text me a password.  So, I called the pre-paid line and they worked with me for 3 hours.  They coudln't get it to work either. 


    This is insane.

  • Stanman525 Level 1 (0 points)

    go to settings, then about, then move to bottom of list and see if you have a sim card number.its the ICCID .

    I f you dont have a number listed it could be that the simm card is installed up side down . i have seen this happen before.

  • Ellis Z Level 2 (260 points)

    SIM card is in.  Can see the IMEI and phone number.  (So could the person on the Verizon side)   They just couldn't get it activated on the iPad. 


    "The SIM ID you entered cannot be activated at this time. Please contact Customer Service at 800-922-0204 for assistance."


    The person couldn't do anything with it.

  • Stanman525 Level 1 (0 points)

    the number listed in the MEID is the ipads ESN electronic serial number. You should have a number there.

    The number listed in ICCID that is the simm card number .Is there a number there.


    If so  then it maybe the card is invalid.

    Did you call the prepaid dept. at verizon at this number.


    A good place to get a new sim card is on ebay.maybe get two and have a spare.

  • Ellis Z Level 2 (260 points)

    Yes.  Spent a few hours on the phone with them (at that number).  They said I should try back after the holidays when some of the tech support people return.  They were stumped, but they suspected they may need to send me another SIM.  (At this point, the trip that I wanted to activate the iPad for is over, now it's just a quest to get it working)


    None of this would be needed if they didn't brick the first card in the first place.  Frustrating to no end.

  • Stanman525 Level 1 (0 points)

    Then the only option you have now is to .

    1. wait for ver. to send you a card.

    2. get a new simm from ebay or

    3. if you have a verizon phone plan ,then you could replace a phone on your plan that you are not using ,by going to the verizon site and setting the ipad as the replacement device.

    4. add the ipad to you plan by adding a new device. But this cost $35 set up fee and you will pay $17.81 a month. This will also require you to use to all you phones on the share the data verizon plan.

    just depends on how often you need the service on the ipad


    Well best to you .merry christmas.

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