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  • Ellis Z Level 2 Level 2 (260 points)

    When you hit "cancel" on the iPad it warns you that they will "disable" (burn) your account in 5 months.  In reality, it's 3 months.  This really doesn't work for me as I have other connection options, but would gladly use it for 2 or 4 months of the year.  But I'm not dealing with these hoops anymore.  T-Mobile is in my future.

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    Same here, pretty disgusted with Verizon.  Currently using free TMobile data on my iPad.  At least until I get up to 200MB in a month *smile*.

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    Thanks to everyone for their input! I did order  t-mobile sim to try out and I figure the Verizon sims are cheap enough on ebay if I don't want the hassle of going into Verizon for a sim.


    I will only need the cellular data plan occasionaly.

  • Ellis Z Level 2 Level 2 (260 points)

    I'm convinced that if Apple didn't force their hand, Verizon would be the sole hold-out requiring contracts for data service on tablets.  (and we'd all buy wi-fi tablets instead)


    But after reading this thread, and experiencing it myself (because I wouldn't believe it otherwise) I've become so completely disgusted with Verizon's business practices that I'll never give them another dime of my money or another second of my thought (if I can help it.)  Too many other options out there to subject myself to this frustration.


    It amazes me how some of these companies survive by ******* people off as much as they do.  (I can name one or two other companies now that join these ranks)

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    Bought iPad mini w/Verizon cellular last May, with pre-paid data plan. Worked fine with auto-renew, which I suspended when I went to France in September, where I used a nano-SIM bought from carrier Orange for 10€ (prepaid data additional, very reasonably priced). Once back in the US have continued on the prepaid plan because easy & I'm lazy.


    THEN 3 days ago I decided to accept the on-screen invitation to "Change or Cancel" plan, which I interpreted as meaning I could change the amount of pre-paid data  or cancel the renewal for the next little while; in fact the "Service Terms & Conditions" in my original Activation message say "To cancel automatic renewal, go to Settings > Cellular Data on your iPad and select 'Cancel Plan' and follow the steps to cancel auto-renew". NOT: When I ran out of data and selected "Cancel Plan" I got a message informing me I had canceled my account and would have to go to a Verizon store to open a new account and buy a new SIM. Say what? Sure enough, "View Account" no longer produced any result, and "My Verizon" did not recognize my mobile number.


    A Customer Service rep at Verizon WAS able to reinstate my account (I needed to provide all of my credit card info, address, secret question, etc. anew), and My Verizon recognized me again after some coaxing, but 48 hours later (I had not used the iPad in that time) I no longer had any cellular connection. New customer rep helpfully explained that the account automatically cancels if you  reinstate an account within 24 hours of canceling, which I had been foolish enough to do. Totally makes sense to someone no doubt. So now I will wait 24 hours and try to reactivate service. Would it be easier and take less time to read Proust's Remembrance of Things Past? I think so.


    Maybe everything will work out. But to state the obvious: 1) Why do the instructions on the Account page AND in the Service Terms encourage you to do something that will cause your cellular account to crash and burn? 2)  Why, when you call Customer Service and are asked to input your mobile number,  if unbeknownst to you that number is no longer active/extant, does the message say "technical difficulties, please try again later", when you would be pushing up daisies before the system ever recognized the number no matter how many times you "tried again later"? 3) Why is there NO way to suspend auto-renew, or reactivate it, without calling Customer Service and being put on hold for 20 minutes or more each time? 4) And on another topic, Why, when I did in fact change my plan a month or so ago from $20 for 1 GB to $30 for 2GB, was I billed for BOTH amounts (on the same date),  with no extension of time?


    Sorry, I don't believe any of this has anything to do with Apple, or iOS7. Verizon just doesn't care much about its customers, particularly prepaid probably, and can't be bothered to see that these screw-ups don't occur.

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    This is nothing new. Verizon has been doing this since day 1 and Apple does NOTHING about it. I know they have the clout to, but don't. Not sure why. Notice how you don't see many posts on this thread above a level 1 or 2? Apple is turning a blind eye. This is one reason I'm selling my iPad. Not sure what I'll do next. Go back to my Palm Zire? Maybe. I was in the same battles as you.. call the 1-800 number told to go to a store. Store says Hmm thats odd. All we can do is sell you a post paid contract. Back on the phone, blah, blah, blah. "We've never heard of this happening before." Good bye Apple iPad. Good bye verizon.

    Do a quick web search: This has been going on since 2012.

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    "Apple does nothing...they have the clout" roflmao.  I bet you expect your car dealersihp to do something about the gas station watering down the fuel or the fuel prices for that matter.  ****, lets get GE to repalce the food in our fridge when it goes bad and Levis to buy us new jeans when we gain weight.  This is isolated to Verizon.  Be mad at the right source.  Better yet, go on and get rid of your iPad.  The rest of us will stay focused on the real issue.

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    Your analogy is a bit off.  It is more like a car manufacturer sells you a car that only runs off a specific  station brand and that brand consistently treats the owners of that cars unfairly by overcharging them instead of giving them the gas rates promised when they bought the car. 


    In such a situation, most would expect the manufacturer of the car to apply pressure to correct the situation, since they sold you the "car" with the promise of specific "gas rates", and they want you to buy future cars from them.


    Fortunately in this case it turns out there are two brands of "gas" that can be used, and since Verizon seem uninterested in correcting the issue, switch the device over to a T-Mobile SIM depriving them of  future profits on the device which is probably the most effective way to pressure them into change their deceptive practices.

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    My Verizon iPad 3 finally sold on ebay.  I took a heck of a haircut on it (Sold for 1/2 what I paid for it two years ago!)  I'm wondering how much of this un-Apple-like deprecition is due to Verizon?   I'll be buying a t-mobile iPad Air once the funds clear for the one I sold.


    But back to my main point ....  after jumping through all those hoops to activate my Verizon iPad a few months ago, I turned it off last month because I wasn't going to be using it.  I tried to turn it back on two days ago and it was already bricked!  Verizon isn't even giving you a frackin' MONTH anymore!  I'm so done with them.  From now on it's any OTHER carrier besides Verizon when I want telecom hardware. 

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    What an ignorant thoughtless reply and analogy.

    GE didn't promise that my milk wouldn't go bad, but they did promise that the thing would get cold. If the freon in it goes bad they don't say "We didn't make the freon, go argue with DuPont".

    You're gonna stay focused on the real issue? What's that? Watching YouTube?

    The real issue is that Apple, not GE and not Ford, promised that my iPad has a cellular service that can be enabled and disabled monthy: IT CAN"T: not with verizon it can't. Go look at the APPLE iPad page. I do use my iPad to do work and that is what is frustrating. You like your iPad still becuase as long as you can play Angry Birds you are happy. The rest of us expect it to work AS ADVERTISED. It doesn't. Next time, think before you speak.

  • greesmonky Level 1 Level 1 (50 points)

    Bad Buscuit,

    Can you elaborate on switching to T-mobile? Is it still monthly? How do I get in on that? I'm ready to do what Ellis Z did and sell this boat anchor and move on.

  • Ellis Z Level 2 Level 2 (260 points)



    You can switch to t-mobile simply by putting a t-mobile micro-sim in it.  However, the iPad 3 is one of the early LTE models, and it doesn't have t-mobile's LTE bands in it.  So, it works in 4G (HSDPA).  This is still quite speedy (8-10mbps).  I enjoyed the 30MBps speeds of LTE. 


    But, as frustrated as I was with this, I wanted it gone.  Sometime in the near future I'll get an iPad Air. 

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    I just had the same stinking headache--having found ways to make the V SIM work with the account in recent months, I turned on the data on Friday (to use for a month) and went to shut off the autoreload today...dead.


    Will look into alternates as many of you eAdvisory have shared / this just *****

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    Nanoo2, Verizon's gotta go...they're just trying to make an extra buck out of us all / T-Mobile's eating V's lunch & they hate that.

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    Whew. I'm just glad to know this is a limited problem, and not indicitive of a  failure at Apple to pay attention. Since it's only 2 or 3 of us complaining, it's not really an issue worth Apple fixing..