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    Nothing's changed, I had all the same issues, almost 18 months ago, I and filled out an FCC complaint, and later someone called me "personally" to apologize, hahahah aha, verizon must be in their pocket for all the complaints they received about this issue.  Please all of us here need to fill it out again!  DOJ might then look into their completely dishonest business practices.

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    Ellis Z summed up the limitation well (no LTE); it is still plenty fast for what I use it for.  The T-Mobile switch discussion starts at page 10 (Mid Nov'13) within this thread.  The free 200MB a month for BYOD (bring your own devices) still appears to be available, with the T-Mobile SIM cards currently costing just $0.99.  You will need a micro SIM.  It will be a $1 well spend.  If there is a downside to it at all, it would be that 200MB goes quickly, so this only works for those that are either light users, or who spend most of their time on Wi-Fi.  If that fits your needs then go for it.



    You would then activate it as "Pay in Advance Mobile Internet", details explained here:


    Note:  I have no financial stake in T-Mobile; My only association is being a happy customer.

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    I was on the phone with a senior level tech working out an iCloud issue (go figure) and at the end I mentioned the Verizon problem. He stated in all sincerity, that he didn't see any complaints in the database. If this is true: shame on us! If you have Verizon iPad that is under AppleCare or warranty: Call them! If yours isn't, at least go the the product feedback page and send in a complaint. Unless we start filling Apple's log book, nothing will happen. When I find out how us "old timers" can call, I'll let y'all know. Heck, grab a pen and send them a snail-mail. Apple does listen! Let's make sure our voices are being heard!

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    i am not making any excuses for verizon , but for those that are like me and are unable to change to another network ,there are two options available now at verizon .

    1  if you have a verizon phone plan in place , now you can share the data and using your phone as a hot spot is free ,so thats one way to connect your ipad to the network.

    2. the other option is , and again if you have a verizon phone plan you can addyour ipad to your phone plan for $10 a month and so that charge will be $17.81 with the taxes .

    Also understand there will be the $35.00 one time fee to put the ipad on your phone plan unless you have a phone on your plan that is out of contract that you no longer want on your plan. In that case its a free to replace the phone with the ipad and you can do it yourself at the verizon site.


    Again ill say i am not making any excuses for verizon and i have experienced all the suffering that all have talked about on the site.

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    I have a friend of mine and he will be visiting me soon. He promised me to bring an Ipad for me from the US but l would like to know if it is going to work on my mobile career here in my country. Any possible help on what needs to be done will be greatly appreciated for l would like an Ipad that is sim compatible such that l can browse when lm not at home connected to the WI-FI.


    Thanks to everyone in advance.

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    Hi all,

    i bought the new Ipad mini Retina with V cell. A few months later, I activated the cellular data plan using a credit card. Paid for 1 month and 1 gig data. My Plan was to use it during upcoming travel days, then deactivate it.


    When I cancelled the data plan, my IPad mini told me I would need to swap out the SIM card if I wanted to turn it back on. "Please contact the Verizon store."  Ok.  Yes, I had chosen the deadly deactivate now option.


    Time for another trip, so I walked into a small Verizon store and they had no idea what I was talking about.  Store #2 knew what I wanted but said there were no pre-paid SIM cards in the store, or in town. I needed to start a "postpaid" account and we could add it to the current phone bills. Due to emergency of the situation, we accepted the only SIM card option available.


    I do not need 2 gig of data per month with the $30 monthly bill.  We have an unlimited wireless cable data plan at home. I travel 4 times a year when I need the modem turned on.


    Now I have read the first parts of this thread from 7/2012 and the last few pages of 2014. 

    Today,  I returned to the store to buy a SIM card before I needed it. She said "Yes, they have SIM cards. No, there is no difference between the prepaid and postpaid SIM cards. But, they have to install it and "activate" it (I think was the word used.) to make sure it works. Told her about the other guy who had lied to me. 



    What is the best way for me to do this?  My options appear to be, cancel the current postpaid plan and:


    #1. Order one, or more, prepaid nano SIM cards from Ebay (priced $6-$10). Swap out the used SIM card.   Then, activate the plan when I need it.   I like this, but will it work?


    #2. Go to Verizon store and ask them to cancel postpaid plan and install new SIM card. But they want to "activate" it. Or, I will get another storyline   .  Don't like this, but may be safest.


    As of today, have you swapped out the Nano SIM from Ebay and activated a postpaid plan? Anything else I should know?



    Thanks for your replies and help.


    Linda (IPad Mini Retina Verizon; IPad4 Wifi; IPod Touch 5; IPod Nano; IPod Touch 2; IPhone 5  )

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    Yes, I ordered a Verizon SIM Nano 4FF card on eBay for $7 (got sent a Micro 3FF first, be sure you've got a Nano before you break it out of its carrier-card; FYI: "3FF" designates a MicroSIM, "4FF" a NanoSIM). popped it into my iPad Mini, followed the on-screen instructions to activate, purchasing 1GB/mo. for $20, and voilà! Back in business.


    Subsequently canceled plan (carefully clicking on "Cancel Later" -- to be understood as "Suspend Plan"), as I was off to Europe for a month and going to be using a French SIM. But back home now, will reinsert the eBay SIM and prepay another 1GB/mo, which I will have to do by calling Customer Service, since I did not allow my prepaid plan to auto-renew.


    As I understand it, your account is toast if you let 5 months go by without renewing your data plan. But if you anticipate going for longer than that without using your tablet, why worry? For less than $10 you can get a new SIM card, as opposed to spending the minimum $20 to keep your account active. Better yet, buy 2-3 SIM cards just to always have on hand.


    Which leaves the question whole: why is it necessary to jump through all of these hoops? And why do so many of us get lied to and bamboozled into signing up for expensive postpaid plans that we neither need nor want? If the misleading information provided in Verizon stores and often by Customer Service is deliberate, they are guilty of fraud. If it is not deliberate, Verizon's employees are woefully untrained.

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       i have a verizon family plan that my ipad 3 is on . I am planning on leaving verizon and changing to tmobile .(verizon costing me about $100 more a month than tmobile.

    So i bought a tmobile micro sim card at walgreens for $10 .

    I put the sim in and turned off the wifi , turned on the cellular and opened the safari browser and was amazed to see how easy Tmobile has made it to get the free 200 mb a month.  No complicated numbers to enter like verizon.

    i just had to register a new account and no credit card needed.

    Just click on the link below.



    So i can try tmobile on my ipad 3 and if it can work in my area of tn. ,then i am sticking with Tmobile.  

    This is how easy it should be.

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    Ok, continuing story:  the Verizon manager suspended the postpaid SIM card account. Took care of the problem. But, they do not want to sell the new SIM card without activating it, so I should go back when I need it. Said okay and left.


    I ordered the new card on Ebay for $6. The T-mobile at Walgreens?  Ok, will try that also.

    Thank you for your replies.


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    Tmobile is having a sale on the SIM cards you need to replace the Verizon SIM card and never deal with them again.  At the same time get 200mb free every single month! They both work in my IPAD 3 Verizon (micro-SIM) and IPAD mini ATT (nano SIM).




    T-Mobile Prepaid Phone/Tablet SIM Card Activation Kit (Full, Micro or Nano) $0.01 + Free Shipping Slickdeal offers their T-Mobile Prepaid Phone SIM Card Activation Kit (Full, Micro or Nano) for $10 - $9.99 off coupon code SIMDEAL = $0.01. Shipping is free.


    It is Limit 3 SIM Cards.  I just ordered 2 nano sims and 1 micro sim.  They say must activate by 11/21/2016. 


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    I was told my a young guy at Verizon there is a way to prevent this. You must remove your sim card prior to canceling your service.  He said remove the card then delete the service. That way the code is not downloaded to the card.


    I don't know if he knows what he is talking about but that he acted like he had done it.

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    I believe I've found a solution, and here it is.


    You simply need to WAIT.


    I've cancelled my account, and gotten the email 5 months latter confirming that my account has been de-enrolled. When I went into settings>cellular data, I got a message with a phone number that I need to order a new SIM card. Resetting my wireless/network settings didn't help.


    About 4-5 months later I again went into settings>cellular data, and LO AND BEHOLD, it says "ACTIVATE YOUR IPAD WITH VERIZON WIRELESS" with the options to create a new account, or add to an existing account.   


    Either I just had to wait after resetting my wireless settings, Verizon decided to change their policy, or you just need to WAIT a couple of months to reactivate your account.


    I didn't yet actually activate it, but it's pretty clear that my SIM is NOT FRYED as Verizon previously stated, my fryed SIM would prevent me from creating a new account. 


    Also, I seriously doubt what some young guy at Verizon said told lonesomeduck will work (according to lonesomeduck's post yesterday) his solution is to remove the SIM card before deleting your account. However, in order to delete your account you first need to access it, which is IMPOSSIBLE to do with the SIM card removed.


    Also, (Just BTW) I tried logging  into my account within the 5 thinking that perhaps just accessing it (without actually paying for service) will delay the de-enrollment of my account. This did not work.

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    Thanks for your info. i agree.

    i also tried the Tmobile sim card in my Verizon IPad. it works  .But the service is terrible,

    .Even if it is 200 mb each month if I cant use it  what good is it. i travel all over the us and Tmobile only seems to work in down town areas.

    Verizoon has worked everywhere ,even the most remote areas.

    another nice thing about verizion is that when you activate a new ipad in an area that you cant connect to wifi, verizon service will let you activate your new ipad and register it on the icloud without having an verizon account setup yet on your ipad.

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    This is fascinating. If you DO in fact succeed in reactivating after waiting ten months if I understand correctly, that would indeed be a work-around. But seriously? If this is a solution Verizon is even more evil than I thought. You can't make this kind of stuff up!

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    Hello, I come back to this discussion once in a while to see if VZ ever fix this SIM card issue, and read that the fried sim will become useable again after a long while.  I was curious about it and realized that I still have the (fried) original VZ's SIM card in drawer.  I took out the free T-mobile SIM card I received from T-mobile, which works very well with my iPad 3 from the past 8 months by the way, and inserted the already confirmed fried VZ's SIM card . Surprisingly, it is working once again. 


    The VZ data menu popped up when I clicked on "view Account" under Cellular Data in Setting. The VZ data sign up menu changed.  Now it offers options for both prepaid plans and an option for adding my ipad 3 to an existing VZ account.  I chose prepaid plan just to test if VZ's network will take my allegedly fried SIM card and it did.  Now I can sign up for 300mb data plan for only $5 if I want to and I can cancel it any time as I wish.  This is a lot better than before with 1GB for $20 plan for me. I don't know if VZ fixed the fried SIM card issue on purpose by changing the way it offers data prepaid plan options or it is just a coincidence for me. All I know is my 2-year-old inactivated fried SIM card that came with my iPad 3 purchase is working once again. 


    I just want to share this with folks who still have the old VZ SIM card around. Try it and see if it works for you.  If it works and you like VZ or it is the only option for you, then it's great.  For me, I will still use the free monthly 200mb from T-mobile and buy more data from T-mobile if I need more data since I have good connection in my area,  I will not give a dime to VZ  after my frustration with them 2 years ago, even they may have fixed the issue now. 


    Have a great day.