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    Well I am here tonight because I did the no no and deleted my prepaid account after i got an email saying my credit card was going to be charged.  I should have had three more days, 30 days or 2gb whichever came first was how I understood it.  I was waiting to cancel when my 30 days was up as I did not even come close to using the data.  Thats when i got the message about the fried sim card. dilemma, this ipad was a Christmas present for my son, I took it on vacation to tryit out and was now going to wrap it after my service was deactivated.  Has anyone backed up the device to their computer or cloud and reset it and then tried to reactivate cellular????  I will tell him if I need to but would like to not have to, since I had already updated the operating system to OS6   Does anyone know if I will have to so that again ?  Since the other user updated his to 6 and his sim worked again I was wondering if this ipad would be fixed without the dreaded trip to Verizon ,   Which is in a city over an hour away from me.  Any help will be appreciated.  Thanks.

  • Stanman525 Level 1 Level 1

    Just take it to the verizon store , and start a new SIM card.

    It really is easy to fix.

    See my post about this.

    Take care

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    Ok I want to share my day with the forum because over half of it was spent dealing with Verizon to get my service restarted correctly.  First of course, I did select "delete now" not realizing what **** I was going to put myself through.  So once I went about trying to reactivate *ROTFL* my service, it was readily apparent I wasn't going to get anywhere on my own -- unlike with AT&T. 


    So I stopped by a Verizon kiosk in the mall, which was actually the quickest and easiest part of the day.  The rep understood what I was saying about needing a sim, and made a quick call to her supervisor to confirm that a LTE sim was the right solution.  The only problem was she wouldn't give it to me without getting $20 first.  I wouldn't agree to do that, so I left for a brick and mortar.  Very simply I hadn't read this forum yet, but knew from getting a post-payment sim swap by AT&T before when my sim died, that I only wanted to get a new sim and go prepaid on the iPad directly; no cost, no tax, don't pass go, don't let them collect your dollars!  And yes AT&T can and will pull the post-paid trick on customers who need new sims if they don't know any better (taxes and fees included). 


    So at the store I spent over 2 hours.  The first hour explaining what happened and what I need -- they understood but were unwilling to give it to me.  Used the "inventory control" bulls hit, and put me on the customer service line in store.  I spent the other hour on hold... I left after an hour because I didn't feel like living in their store any longer.  It was interesting that they gave up the entire second register area after getting me on the phone.  No customers or Verizon reps cane within ten feet of me.  They must have known I would be on an indefinite hold?!  They also refused to let me use their restroom too, which is why I decided more than anything to take the call at home.


    At home I found this forum.  Read the entire thing waiting for customer support to do something for me.  They tried to get me on a data share -- I refused.  They tried to get the first store to agree to give me a sim -- they refused too.  They lookup up my old account to see if there was anything they could resolve -- it didn't work.  They refused to mail me a sim, because "Verizon doesn't mail anything to customers"... Really?  That's what they say, no bills, no special deals, nothing.  Too bad AT&T doesn't follow that business model too because we get at least one junk mail a week from them.  So eventually, they told me there were only two options. One not to use 4G (waste of a good iPad).  Two, go to another store.  They even contacted the next nearest store to confirm that a sim would be waiting for me, right? Total talk time by the way was 95 minutes.


    Off to the second store I went.  When I got there I was surprised to find one of the sales reps was expecting me.  Only that wasn't the rep to "help" me.  We went over the usual, no post paid, no data sharing, no tying to other accounts, nothing but prepaid and controlled by settings on the iPad.  I used the term "I want to set it up like it is right out of the box".  This seemed to get the picture across more easily.  Still something interesting had happened too...


    ****Key point**** The rep asked if anyone had reactivated the original account yet.  I told him that I didn't think it was possible, but he wanted to try.  Why not, I said.  So he did a couple of quick taps and said to give it a try.  I almost thought it would work when the LTE came back up, but it had no Internet connection.  The dialog to view the account for data plans came up, but when I tried to add more data it popped up a message to check the account on  So I told him that it wasn't what it was supposed to be "like out of the box".


    So then the wait began, he got out a shiny new sim, but wanted to activate it.  I told him repeatedly that it needed to be "like out if the box" setup prepaid on my iPad. But he was frustrated on the computer, making calls to customer service and got put on hold just like me before. That was hilarious (hard not to laugh, but I resisted)! Eventually when he couldn't get it to work on the point of sale, he gave in and let me put the new sim in my iPad.  Great!  Within ten minutes it was back up and running; don't forget to reprovision in the general settings menu at the bottom, otherwise it won't work right until you do.  The rep wasn't happy, but I was.  He wanted to keep the old sim and balance his books using my new sim phone number.  Fine by me since I'm back on the $20 prepaid plan and can view my account controls directly on the iPad.


    It only took me half a day, and some added travel time -- but it was the principle of the matter.  Don't give in to these stupid sales tactics and you too can get what you deserve.  Now let me get over to the FCC to file that complaint on deceptive sales practices too!  Oh, and I will be going back to the first store again to give the store manager some constructive face-to-face feedback too!!!

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    I agree I should go to VeriOn in order to get this fixed.  But I would rather stick needles in both eyes first than subject myself to the ridiculous drama that could arise. was suggested on another forum I found on MACs ....check out ebay and I searched for the darn thing.  Cost me 7.95 each, and saved the poor Verizon reps life I expect and saved me hours and hours of further grief.  I also bought two backups, just in case!  But now that I am wiser on this subject and I totally understand the difference of delete now and delete later, I will also educate my sons and my friends!  One final comment, can I say "CLASS ACTION" for bait and switch, deceptive advertising business practices.   I also filed my complaint with theFCC.  Apple isn't innocent in this either, they have co-opted with Verizon and should document the choices on screen better within the software, IMHO .

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    I received a call from Jennifer at Verizon after my FCC complaint.  She called a local Verizon dealer and told them I would be coming to get a new sim card.  I went through the same run around as everyone else here.  He said I could have a sim card but I would have to activate in the store.  That's not how this was advertised to work.  That meant when my sim card was burned and I wanted to go wireless on my next trip, I would have to go to the Verizon dealer and get a new card and activiate it there IF they agree to do that in the future.


    I called Jennifer back after the Verizon visit and told her what happened and she agreed with the Verizon dealer.  They have to inventory their products and can't just give away a sim card without activating it.  She said she still just couldn't understand the problem I was having.  No one else was having this problem that she knew of. 


    So if you receive a call from someone named Jennifer, tell her you are having the same issue as everyone else who has filed a complaint.  Tell her you know that she has spoken to a customer named Mary Lou in Missouri who had the same issues you are having.


    I tell everyone I know and I wrote a review on Amazon and Best Buy hoping to save someone else the headaches.

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    Just like everyone here, I had the same issue. Here's what I did in resolving this. As always your mileage varies.  After spending 3 hours in a local Verizon store, I made an appointment to Genius bar and took my problem there. I explained the problem to the support tech person there including mentioning this forum to her. I told her that there are lots of people having the same problem as I am and pointed to one of the posting that said I need  a new SIM card to get the pay as you go plan work again. She was very nice and understanding. Long story short, she went to the back and gave me a new SIM card, installed it in my ipad and 2 minutes later I got my pre-paid plan work again. So, it worth to take this issue to your local Apple store and mentioning about this forum.  I also filed a complained with FCC and last week someone from Verizon sent me an apology letter and offer me a help. I haven't called that rep yet, but plan to do that this week. I'll give him an earful about this issue, so hopefully Verizon can correct this problem for all of you. I'll let you know how it goes next time.

  • Mom2Grunty Level 1 Level 1

    I also placed a review on the ipad at Verizon for the 32gb, will check tomorrow to see if they leave it up on the web site.  I am guessing they will not!

  • Mom2Grunty Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks, but no thanks, see above...

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    Verizon KNOWS about this since last spring.  I went thru this in June/July with my new iPad (3).  They have not changed it.  Thus, it is a sales ploy to get ppl into the store and upsell to monthly service.


    Is this happening on the latest iPad (fall version)?

  • Stanman525 Level 1 Level 1

    Please let everyone know if the SIM card bought online for$ 7.95 can be activated without going to the verizon store.

    Maybe it can be done by verizon prepay at 888-294-6804

  • Mom2Grunty Level 1 Level 1

    I will let you know, but I have every confidence as the other mac forum users did report that when inserted in their Ipad worked as before!  Now for further info, I did go to Verizon store today and spoke with the manager who was very vague if he knew of the problem ,  he acknowledged he did , " a little bit".  We discussed what I did, and I showed him the email I received when the account was deactivated stating I was to go to a Verizon and obtain a new SIMM card!  Then he said well thats NO PROBLEM, but he wanted to charge me 20$ and I must have had a funny look on my face, because he immediately changed his mind and said he would let me have it for his cost $2.35!!  I wanted to argue but at that point, just to know I could walk in and buy the darn thing so easy after reading this entire post, I happily paid him the $2.51.  After thinking about what I told him, He said they must be classifying the ipad prepaids as if it was a prepaid phone which is why there is "phone number" that is identified with the SIMM card.  It is a SIMM card for the ipad or a phone and it looks exactly like the one pictured on the ebay site.  So in terms of a prepaid throw away phone I understand why it is burned when deactivated, BUT the ipad is not a throw away device and they should have a way to classify them as such, or at the very least, explain the choices on screen more completely and distinctly would be way more efficient.  Oh and ifyou don't reactivate within the next five months it will burn it anyway, is accurate, cause VZ thinks it s a throw away phone!  Now I understand their logic, I think.  In any event he did sort of know about the problem and his assumptions seemed to jive with the information on both of the forums that have discussed this issue at length.    He did mention I could add it to my phone plan for ten$. But I said  thank you very much but no. (I have unlimited data and they would have to change me and i would be stupid to do that) and I would share my whole 2 gb between my phone and my ipad.   Haha.  No thanks.  Hope this info helps the next person reading and hopefully apple will update their software on screen in the future to help users understand the difference between the now and later options. 

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    Would it be possible to activate the Verizon iPad for the prepaid service, but rather than cancel now or cancel later, you simply delete your credit card information (or change it to an invalid number)? In that case, would you still be able to use it 6 months down the road without having the SIM card deactivated?


    I just bought a Verizon iPad, but after reading this forum I'm leaning on switching to ATT. I don't want to discover one day that my SIM is dead and I can't connect to cellular data simply because Verizon decided to burn it.

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    I tried to change my card to a number I made up ,but it will only let you enter another valid credit card.

    Just use your prepaid for a month  every 5 months . A post above mentioned the account may close if not used  in think it was five months. So it will cost you 40 dollars  a year.

  • Stanman525 Level 1 Level 1

    I think you should call verizon prepaid support at 888-294-6804 and see if it expires..

    I use my account about every three months.

  • D M S Level 1 Level 1

    Interesting idea to switch up the credit card.  Here's another thought, because live used it for companies I don't trust... Pay them with a temporary credit card, like the kind sold in stores with gift cards.  When the funds run out of the card, they can't charge you again.  Of course they could also see that as a form of nonpayment and cancel the account too.

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