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Need advice.  DropBox allowed me to import a doc to Pages on iPad (actually offered the option), but I see no way to save it back to DropBox.  Anyone have any suggestions?  Help appreciated.



iPad, iOS 5.1, Lenovo T500 laptop
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    No direct method available yet. With any luck Apple & Dropbox will learn to play nice, but until then the easiest way is:


    1. email your Pages doc to your self the in Mail


    2. tap and HOLD the attachment until you get the Open in... Menu and


    3. select Dropbox.


    It takes a few extra seconds, but gets the job done.

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    Thank you muchly.  Nice and simple.

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    I spoke too soon.  When I do what you said, it offers to open in... Pages, EasySign, DocsToGo, and CloudOn, but not DropBox.  Is there anything you know that I can do to add DropBox to that list?

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    You do need to have Dropbox app installed on your iOS Device as well as you Mac. On the Mac side, you just drag and drop your Pages document to Dropbox (selecting whatever folder you designate).

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    You can scroll your apps that can use the .pages document in the window that showed you your first 4 apps that can open it. So move the list up and you will find dropbox there!

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    I just got pages. And there is the option to "open in another app" in tools/share and print. Allows you to save in dropbox. Works perfectly. I assume it is something recently added, maybe with the iOS6 and app updates.

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    This is anohter absolute apple disaster forcing people to use their apps. What good is this eight hundred dollar ipad if you cant actually do anyting with it?


    NO i have been looking for over a year to keep my files up to date while I am a student and I am about litterally ready to this my ipad in the trash and use a pad of paper and pen.


    thanks apple. Never going to buy your products again. EVER..

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    Same huge disappointment here. I wanted to save to wuala (my sync service), but I haven't found a way to make this happen.


    1. Icloud won't let you sync stuff on your mac, only in-app stuff (like remiders etc...)

    2. iwork won't let you save documents to anywhere (i.e. a sync service app)

    3. mac and ios still have different file types

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    Maybe this is late, and you already solved your problem.

    I am a student as well, and the app I use every single day is iAnnotate (the best spent $10 ever - if my ipad could manage only 1 app, this one would be enough for me to say that the ipad was worth $500). The blackboard version we use in school does not allow me to download stuff directly in my iPad (even though I can see them), so I use my laptop to download anything and everything and save it on my Dropbox account. iAnnotate gets everything from dropbox. Slides and textbooks I save them in PDF format. (If you want a good torrent site to download books write me back.)

    All my pages documents actually sync via iCloud, and I do my typing from the ipad (with a Zagg Flex bluetooth keyboard) or from my laptop at home.

    Does it suck that pages can not save directly to dropbox? No doubt about it, but getting so upset about to the fact that the ipad is not a good companion is because you haven't mastered the tools.

    If you really want to use your dropbox account for word documents, then quickoffice pro HD is definitely what you need (office suit that syncs with dropbox and other for $15).

    I have the 3 apps, but I chose to go the "hard way" and use pages because when I change applications the formatting slightly changes, and don't feel like fixing it all the time. I don't have office in my mac, but I would guess that the formatting between office and quickoffice will work, but don't really know.

    But trust me on iAnnotate.

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    I just got pages and despite what you say in  "open in another app" in tools/share and print does NOT Allow you to save in dropbox. If it used to work (which I doubt) I assume it is a feature that they have recently removed maybe with the iOS6 and app updates.

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    ahh just found out how to do it...



    Open the document that you want to upload.

    Tap the wrench icon in the upper right corner of Pages.

    Tap Share and Print.

    Tap Open in Another App.

    In the next window - Select the Format that you want to use.

    in the next window tap Choose App

    Tap Open in DropBox in the resulting window.

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    Pages 1.6.1 for iOS did not have this option. Update Pages for iOS (vers. 1.7.1 at present) and you'll see the options spoken about here for Dropbox IF YOU'VE OPENED the app at least once. You also may have to scroll the little app window, and since Apple doesn't inclue scroll bars anymore, it's kind of hard to tell that you need to do that.