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For some of our books we have the rights in the USA only; some are USA plus AU and NZ; and for some of them we have worldwide rights.


I couldn't figure out how to tell the Territory page in iTunes Producer that we had all the rights worldwide, and so had to click tediously through all of the countries on their list, telling the software each time that it was Digital Rights, and entering a money conversion to set a list price. When I got to the Nordic countries with their individual currencies, I  recited chapter and verse about user-hostile interfaces.


Probably I just missed a simple switch there, but if so I'd like to know about it.


Or else ask Apple to improve it, by adding an option for, e.g. "World Rights" and also an optional automatic currency converter from $US list price to the currency in question (price set at next Tier level above exact conversion).



iTunes Producer
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    I also looked for a switch that would allow me to set them all at once (at least for the European countries that share a common currency). There is no such switch. (It'll be even more fun once we can target all 52 stores…)


    I agree about the UI design. That one was done cheap and nasty. It should be possible to set them all at once, even if the currency is different. There are already pricing brackets for each currency, so I should be able to say "Use this first entry as the template for all others, and use the same price bracket". I could still make adjustments to individual countries afterwards.



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    As always, feel free to use the 'Provide iBooks Author Feedback' menu item for features you'd like added in the future, etc.


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    Hi, K T, thanks for the note, but this isn't about iBooks Author; it's about iTunes Producer. I haven't found a specialized forum for this product.


    Just thought I'd ask if any other users have found a better way to set territories for sale rights. If no one comes forward, I'll send a note to the Apple dev team.

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    If no one comes forward, I'll send a note to the Apple dev team.

    iBA or iTP, don't wait if you think it deserves attention

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    That's crazy! Since 99% of my sales happen in the US and UK, I am only going to include those territories. But I guarantee there's another way. No way the large publishers are doing this for all their titles.

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    I think there is a very recent email from Apple discussing updated features in iTP:


    • Create custom territory groups to avoid adding individual country clearances.
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    You can easily create a territory group so that you don't have to select them individually, but it doesn't apply to the pricing. You still have to do that one by one.

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    A little late to this thread, but I just did my first couple book uploads and found the same problem.  It looks like if you use the tab delimited text input file you can put multiple territories (or the appropriate data for them) in each of the cells that corresponds to a column in the rights box in iTP.  The trick now is just making sure I have the right country and currency codes. It's probably still a pain to do by hand, but I'll probably write a little perl program to generate the tab delimited files and do the price and price tier conversions.

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    I ended up writing a perl script that packages it all up for me.  It's not terribly user friendly yet if you aren't used to Perl, but it works and it's fast and easily modifiable. It's posted over at perlmonks.org (http://www.perlmonks.org/index.pl?node_id=1000150)