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after googling possible solutions i followed Apple's support pages.  I have restarted the phone, restarted iTunes multiple times in different orders. I removed all apple components  from my XP PC  nogo ?   restarted the PC.   re-installed iTunes.  still nothing.   can anyone provide a solution betther than mine?  im considering throwing my phone through the nearest Apple store window.   Please help.  

iPhone 4, Windows XP, clean itunes install IOS current
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    See http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1538.  Don't overlook # 1-6 at the bottom, especially # 2-3.

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    1-6 check.   that is one of the support pages i was refering to.   But just for kicks i did it all over again.  still nothing. 


    any other ideas? 

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    If you haven't already, try a different usb to dock cable, make sure your case isn't interfering with a good connection to the connector on your phone and that your connector on your phone is clean.  Also, not sure how uninstalled iTunes, but if you don't follow this guide exactly it may not be successful: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1925.

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    lol, im getting no-where.  


    I have 6 iPhones in the house.   so lots of cables to choose from.  Have tried multiple cables as well as multiple USB ports on the PC.   Wife's phone works.  older 3GS works.  but mine has decided to no longer be recognized and synch.  


    That guide is what i used to uninstall itunes, and all the other goodies, bonjour, apple mobile device, etc. 


    really stuck here.   and I live in Japan, so customer service at an Apple store is just about out of the question.  

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    Sound like you've done about everything.  If your other phones sync with this computer that would indicate that your computer is fine.  (If you aren't syncing these other phones with this computer I would disable automatic syncing in iTunes>Preferences>Devices>Prevent... and connect one to see if it is recognized.)  And if you've tried cables known to sync your other phones that would seem to narrow things down to your phone.  At that point I would start to suspect the dock connector at the bottom of the phone, and would examine it closely for damage (as well as cleaning it with a dry toothbrush).


    If you can, also try connecting it to a different computer with iTunes installed to see if it is recognized (again trying to isolate whether it's the computer or the phone).  If you do this be sure to first disable automatic syncing (in iTunes>Preferences>Devices>Prevent...) on any other computer you connect it to.

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    ok, now my brain hurts.  it's 2:20 am.  i just installed itunes on my sons netbook.   plugged my phone in and it recognized it.   so the phone works    the PC works.   PC says "hey you plugged in an iphone" when i plug it in and wants to offload my pics for me.   its such a nice PC>  but, when i bring iTunes into the mix, then i'm all mixed up again.   i sychned the dang thing on the 28th of April.  it worked fine.  i only ran into this cause 3 days ago i added some new songs to my library and wanted them on my phone.   AAAHHHHHH!

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    Im mot sure what you mean.  Are you you saying that iTunes isn't recognizing your phone pn your son's computer either?  Also, you might want to post your question over in the iTunes forum, maybe the have some ideas.

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    Just turn off Icloud back up and try again. Go into your phone's settings - go to storage and backup turn icloud backup off at the bottom. - Worked for me after much head banging and cable changing.