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could some boody guide me about how to upgrade an Apple iPod Touch (MC544LL/A 32GB 4th Generation) from iOS 4.3.5 to iOS 5. i have itunes 10.6.1. when i try to upgrade it gives me an option to upgrade it to iOS 5.1.1 but i dont want to do that as i have a custom app which can only run on iOS 5.0. Any suggestions would be welcome



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    You can only update to the latest software

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    Kalpesh B wrote:


    i have a custom app which can only run on iOS 5.0.

    Really, are you sure? If so, you didn't get it through the iTunes App Store, did you?


    Are you writing this App? If so, perhaps you need to re-write it. And if you didn't write it, the obvious question in my mind is "is your iPod jailbroken?"

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    My iPod is not jailbroken nor do I intend to do it. This is an app a developer wrote for me to run on my ipod so he is intalling it on my iOS devices using provisioning. As he doesnt have Lion he can not re write the app to run for iOS 5.1.1 as the corresponding Xcode as far as I know runs only on Lion. The app is not on iTunes app store. Are sure there is no other way to do it?

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    As far as i know, Apple only support downloading the latest version of the iOS.


    ... and I was not suggesting that you jailbreak.


    (Kids, do not jailbreak, it's bad for your iPod's health)

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    "Back in the day" one could roll back an iPod to a previous version because of how Apple controlled updates.  Later on, Apple decided to change the process.  That change makes it impossible to roll back to a previous version of iOS.


    Basically, Apple forces iTunes to "phone home," and request permission to update your device.  At that point Apple's update server looks at your device type, device id, and iOS version.  If you are running an older version of iOS, and if your hardware is supported by the latest version, then iTunes is allowed to update your device.  Roll back are not permitted.  Period, end of story....


    So then you have two choices: 


    1.  Do not update your iPod to 5.1.1

    2.  Have the app written for 5.1.1 and then upgrade your iPod.


    Oh, and if you still have doubts, let your mouse cursor do the walking and search the archives...  And Google will no doubt find TONS of info about this...

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    Dear Clifton,

    I am not trying to roll back. I am currently on 4.3.5 and i want to upgrade but not to 5.1.1 but 5.0.x. Ideally apple should allow this but i think cupertino has its own ideas about everything

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    ... and they make a decent living out of it too!

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    i said to download 'all versions' because i dont know what IOS you want

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    you should upgrade to 5.0.1. theres an  untethered jailbreak for it

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    thats stupid. apple removed my post on how to upgrade to any ios version if you have SHSH blobs. sorry about that.

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    by the way, apple stops signing the latest version when a new one comes out because the nnew one fixes bugs that were there before and to prevent people from jailbreaking.