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    I have a Synology DS412+ and want to stream directly using the itunes server option to Apple TV3. I did not find any answers yet. Iphone/Ipad works perfectly NAS to device, but not for ATV3.

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    Yep i know.


    15,000 views and no solution to the problem, ill keep the question unsolved as long as it takes.

    And hopefully people with their need to include extra devices to a solution, stop and finds a more fitting discussion-thread. They need to revisit the first post, and stop acting like they are contributing with their words of common knowledge.


    They are cluster-cloaking usefull answers and making the post to long.

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    I must admit, I thought my suggestion was the simplest working solution. I think you said you have an iPad already? So for anyone with an iPad or iPhone, and £2.99 or equivalent to spare, then using AirPlay to forward it on is a no-brainer - you're probably using the apple remote app anyway, unless you like the aTV search method...


    And if the guy above is right about the synology nas streaming natively to the iDevice, then there's no need for the app - just AirPlay it.


    The raw truth is that AirPlay is proprietary, and apple do not support open standards. Therefore, either use an intermediate airplay-capable device, hack your aTV to make it support open standards or wait until apple decide to back down and support open standards/produce an iNas to compete with iCloud (or until the cows come home - whichever happens first).


    While you're waiting, I'm streaming via my remote control ;)

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    Excellent! Was hoping that might work :) I was planning to get a synology box in a couple of months - you've sold me on it!


    Don't know why it would work to the iPhone but not aTV, unless you're using the synology app? In which case it's probably using either their own proprietary protocol or an open standard. If apple ever open up the api on the aTV, you may be able to get an app for that.


    Until that day, see my suggestion of using an iPhone app to feed the stream into AirPlay, and on to aTV.


    Can you confirm if you have a synology app or if it just streams natively from the "iTunes server"?

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    The original post asked: "


    Hos Can i stream my homevideos from my nas to my Apple tv 3, without turning on a computer?


    iPad - synology 212j+ Apple tv 3 (alternative android Phone)"


    What are you adding to the discussion? It seems you are attempting to hijack it. Please, move along and start your own topic.

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    Not at all, the op asked for solutions, and I gave one that works with no additional hardware to what he already has - he even acknowledged early on that it sounded viable.


    It seems those who think apple will change direction and go for open standards are living a pipe dream. I specialise in technology, and it doesn't happen - in fact cisco's own proprietary protocols have become the universal standard in many cases. That won't happen in this case, unless apple open up their API to developers - it's been suggested that when apple release their new smart tv, they may do that - if you're lucky, that may allow someone to write a dnla app for aTV, but until that day, we have few options.


    The people who keep saying "yeah, I want this as well" are the ones adding nothing new.


    My additions to the discussion are realism and "you need to think outside the box". I think buying an apple mini is unrealistic - you're replacing a computer with a computer - but using a phone or tablet solves the problem with minimal effort.


    I don't have a need to start a new thread atm, because I've no questions to ask - I generally have the skills to think up my own solutions or do my own research.


    Don't worry, I won't keep harping on. My suggestion is made, and hopefully, someone will pick up on it who is able to compromise on their ideal requirements.


    Good luck though, I would also like to stream directly.

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    Hey YorkshireKev


    It is a great solution, was'nt picking on you.

    There are just so many post including miniMacs/pc/hardware in the basement, and those posts need to be addressed with a "take it elsewhere" because it makes it hard to find usefull answers like yours. Ok?

    I cant give it a "this helped me" because the board wont let me give out more of them. Or remove those given already.


    And rentals cost 9.92USD via aTV here in denmark, about 50% more than going out and renting a dvd/bluray. Netflix dosent work because of the lack of negotiation with studioes. Try taking your atv and set the region to denmark and be shocked by the lack of everything.


    One way of fixing this is converting and do ninjatricks (dns hack or firefly firmware), but i want to keep on the right side of my moral boundaries. Would love to get xbmc on it because that works great, but thats still a no go.


    Started to think of apple like a panda.

    It looks cute, but get to close and it will rip you apart.

    (foxconn, initial evidence in the samsung case, company stucture, ecological footprint, unwillingness to let users use their devices as they see fit)

    Its sad IMO, but thats the facts as i see it right now.

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    Sounds like you are hijacking your own tread with cute Panda analogies...

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    Hi nesdk, thanks for your comment - looks like I took the criticism to heart ;) I agree, using another pc or mac doesn't reduce the complexity or give an integrated solution. I know what you mean about lack of service around the world - even in the uk you can see it's us-centric. The movies are just starting to be made available here, Netflix is ok but not great, and apple rentals are expensive also.


    I have seen this on the synology site, which throws hope:


    "Airplay Support1

    Audio Station supports AirPlay, which lets you stream music from your DiskStation to Airplay devices, such as Apple TV or Airplay-enabled stereo systems. You can enjoy a brand new way of streaming music, and not confine yourself to a computer screen.


    To browse through your playlists, you can sit in your cozy living room and control the music with the remote of your Apple TV. With DS audio installed on your mobile devices, they too can turn into remotes. And to make things perfect, even when visiting your friends, you can pull out your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad to stream music directly from you DiskStation and play it on Apple TV or AirPlay stereo systems.


    1. AirPlay is not supported on DS108j, DS109j, & DS209j."



    I'd love to hear from anyone with a DS112 / 212 etc, to know if that's true? I plan to get one in a couple of months, but the marketing suggests it should be possible, though I suspect it's actually the synology iPhone app that's AirPlay compatible, not the nas itself...

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    Q: Can you confirm if you have a synology app or if it just streams natively from the "iTunes server"?


    A: I put the Synology App DS File and DS Audio on my IPad and IPhone. Then enabled WebDAV in the control panel of the Synology DSM. Then it worked. The itunes server is also running on the NAS but the only positive thing until now is that it mediaindexed my pictures and movies so they show in the "Shared" part of the I Tunes running on my main VISTA PC. But I cannot see this shared part of the NAS on my AppleTV3 directly without using the PC.

  • YorkshireKev Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks. Sounds like the ds is talking WebDAV to the app then, which is pumping it into AirPlay - same as mine, but that uses smb. It's not full integration, but probably as close as anyone will get at the moment.

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    I don't want to re-ignite this but...

    You asked originally about streaming possibilities from a NAS to Apple TV.

    Winston Churchill in the first reply in this chain nailed it "You can't".

    However you obviously weren't happy with this answer, and by saying "Can't be right" implicitly asked for others to chip in with suggestions.

    Those suggestions are given out the goodness of people's hearts and are all meant to try and help you - to then turn on them is unfair, and un-civil.

    I'm sorry Apple don't allow what you want, I'd like it too. However we can't just wish it into exsistence...

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    Ohh fells like a troll probably a troll.


    But here i go. i'm not interested in adding comments about adding more hardware, and as the thread keept going that way. I found that i needed to say 'stop we cant go there,its bad country'

    Its true that its a solution, but one im already aware of and tried to avoid from the get go.

    As you say churchill was fast on the trigger, so was i. The atv3 had been out two or three weeks when i made the post, so wasnt going to close it down in case of anyone knowing something that me and churchill was unaware of. Someone knew stuff but often they were including more hardware.

    Havent tested the airplay app yet, busy doin stuff IRL.


    Regarding wishes, this is just software/hardware, it not the evolution of new spicies. You made it sound like apple are a god.

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    There is a github project called "forked-daapd" that will run on many modern NAS' (some even offer it in their IPKGs... but if not, you can usually find tutes online to get it installed) and features AirPlay functionality.



    With this package, I'm able to connect to my library on my NAS via the Apple Remote app, and then stream media from that library to my Apple TV (3) and other AirPlay devices (like my AirPort express and Mac Mini running AirFoil) just by selecting them in Remote.



    - none of my computers need to be on

    - iTunes does not need to be running

    - when playing music, I don't even need my TV on just to operate the ATV, just my receiver

    - works with a non-flashed, 100% spec ATV



    - the interface is not all that great (finding media in Remote is a task-and-a-half)

    - media available does not include radio (though it does include PodCasts, etc)

    - you need an iPad/iPod/iPhone (which the OP said they had)

    - it's not 100% bug-free, and occasionally the library will disappear and streaming will stop


    But, for the most part, it's 90% of a viable solution. I use it the majority of the time. Though I do find myself still firing up iTunes from my desktop and streaming from there sometimes... just to get a better interface to find my media.


    I agree, a NAS that supports true "Home Sharing" (which would let you stream content directly from the ATV interface, without the need for Remote) would be the ultimate solution. Though I disagree that Apple should make it (or, at least, be the ONLY manufacturer). I would like to see many options.


    In addition, I need self-powered AirPlay speakers that I can mount in-wall or in-ceiling. But that's a whole 'nother wishlist.


    UPDATE: Sorry... misspoke. forked-daapd offers AirTUNES functionality (which I believe was the precursor to AirPlay, right?). But still works as I described, using the Remote app. Just wanted to be 100% technically accurate. And I do believe ATV 1's & 2's are more of the AirTunes ilk, and might even see the library directly, I don't know.

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    Hmmm ... ATV seems to lose a lot of potential for that very reason. Imagine how powerful a device it would be if it would let you stream other content from a home network other than what I connect through iTunes. What about all those CDs that I have ripped and converted and really don't feel that I shouldn't have to purchase yet again (record, tape, CD)? What about pictures that I have taken and want to view on the TV screen?


    Won't even recognise my NAS with iTunes server. And what is all that with the Remote app where I can control my Itunes library on my PC through my iPad / iPhone. Big Deal! What I want to do is stream stuff.


    Apple TV could be amazing. It is ... underwhelming. Seriously looking at Raspberry Pi and XBMC and just putting the ATV back in it's box. All style and no substance.

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