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Over the past couple of weeks I have been having trouble both updating and dowloading new apps on my iPhone 4 and in iTunes. Some work perfectly fine but others just won't download, the size of the app does not matter.


On my iPhone it often comes up saying "unable to download application" when i press update or install and I get the option of "retry" or "done". Retry just leads to the same outcome and clicking done leaves the app greyed out with a loading bar at the bottom. If I click the app again the same thing happens. Deleting it and re-installing doesn't help either. Restarting the phone occasionally allows one to download but the next will have the same problem. this has happened both on my home wifi, on 3G and on uni wifi. I have now managed to download all the ones that were having a problem but would still appreciate some insight into it in case it happens again.


Now though, iTunes refuses to download many app updates, saying "network connection could not be established" and giving "stopped (err = -3150)" this happens for about half of the app updates. I have a good internet connection that doesnt randomly drop out so I don't know what is causing this either. I haven't changed any router settings and it always worked before.


It seems rather coincidental that it started happening roughly when the problems dowloading on my phone appeared.

I am using both the latest version of iOS and iTunes.


If anyone could help I would appreciate it!



  • wiclee Level 5 (6,955 points)

    "Error -3150"

    This alert is often related to a lost connection to the iTunes Store.

    If you encounter this alert and you have verified you have a connection to the Internet using Wi-Fi, please review AirPort and Bluetooth: Potential sources of wireless interference.

    If the issue persists, and you're using iTunes for Windows, you may need to flush your DNS and remove pop-up or ad-blockers.

    Finally, this can occur due to timeouts caused by security software.

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    Well my computer is connected to the router via ethernet so wireless interference isn't an issue..


    I don't have time right now but I'll look into the other link and see if that helps



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    My iMac is also connected via an ethernet cable and this has started only in the last few weeks.  I have changed my router back to one that I know it was working on and still nothing has improved.


    Whats weird is that it is intermittent.  Some songs will download and others fail with an error -3150, but if you keep trying it will eventually download them.


    I've reported it to Apple and I am very tempted to take it to the Apple store to get a genius to look at it.  Only concern... its a 24in iMac and its too heavy to cart into a store!!


    Might try eventually if i can't sort it.  However the most likely option at the moment is security software getting in the way... surely apple should account for firewalls and the like?!

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    I've been having this too for a number of weeks. iPhone, iPad and iMac all do it. Have changed nothing regarding router etc. Yet if you leave it a hour or two or try again the next day all is ok until there is another app which needs updating and I go through the same process.


    Personally I think its an issue with Apple's servers. May be they cannot handle the traffic at certain times of the day.



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    Hi all,


    I have been having trouble updating my apps for the past week as well. I tried searching on google for this problem and this discussion came up.


    For me, I don't come up with any error messages. I start the update, but the download process just freezes. Even after a few hours or a few days, the message next to the app still reads "Waiting..." After several days, the updates just appear in the apple store again, as if I never asked it to do the update.


    This is pretty annoying. If it is a problem with Apple's servers, I hope they solve it soon.

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    I reckon it must be a server side issue cause I can't find a common element in the downloads failing. Sometimes it seems to work fine then next day it takes turning the wifi on and off, restarting the iPad or phone, force quitting the app store etc before I can get an update to work.


    Anyone apple affiliated know if this actually the case??

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    I am having exactly the same problems on all 3 of my devices.  Just got off the phone to Apple, spent an hour resetting my router, iPad 2 and iPhone 4S and going through several iMac (Which is Ethernet Connected) troubleshoots and still got nowhere.  iTunes can have 20 downloads queueing and either download none or download 1,2 maybe 3 then dump the rest with error -3150.  Apple Care conceeded it could be a server or account issue and advised me to contact iTunes support via


    I read an article online today about a guy who was having "cannot connect to iTunes store" issues on iPad and after a long drawn out process, was contacted by iTunes support who said he had several "downloads pending" on his account at their end and they cleared these and this solved the problem.  The connection problem is isolated to iTunes on all 3 devices so i'm convinced it's a server or account issue.  Will post again when I get a response from iTunes support.

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    This is the closest I've seen yet to a possible explanation so please do get back to me!

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    Deleting and reinstalling on iPad actually fixed the problem for me. Perhaps I had a slightly different issue, but I got the "retry" or "done" options before delete/reinstall.

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    Yeah, the problem I have is inconsistency. Occasionally this works. Sometimes it takes another method. Sometimes

    I just have to keep trying everything until I can eventually update or install an app. It is this inconsistency which makes me think it is not a problem at my end as I am unable to find a common element in update/install failure.


    Another issue with the delete and reinstall method, and the main reason I now try and avoid it for updates if possible, is that in a couple of apps I have lost a lot of data/progress as I didn't consider the consequences of deleting an app and thus removing its data.

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    I too am having the issue. It happened both at work and at home. When I update it on the iPhone and plug into iTunes it will not sync the updated apps. I tried to update them all on iTunes again tonight from my home network and it started by giving my the err = -3150. I tried to wait for a while and one of them updated but then all the rest came up with a different err (err = 8003).


    As I said, I was getting the same thing at work with all of my devices. It started off as the same apps doing it but now I have 11 pending updates that are not updating.


    MacBook Pro (early 2011)

    iPad 2

    iPhone 4S

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    This message is a mixture of severe annoyance and desperation.




    I first posted a message about this issue back in May but still have to receive a message from someone who knows what is happening, and how to fix it.


    I still have the problem that my iPad (3rd gen) and iPhone (4) will not download several updates from the app store. This is following turning Wifi on and off, force quitting app store, restarting iPhone/Pad via holding power+home button.


    Occasionally one or two at a time may download but this is starting to become a real issue for me!


    Today I tried to download all the pending updates via iTunes (this includes many which are no longer installed on my iPad/iPhone). This was a total of 123 updates. Of these, 51 failed to download to my PC (which is running the latest version of iTunes and has no problem downloading anything else, including 10GB+ Steam downloads, etc) and showed error -3150.


    This has become more than a minor inconvenience and I would really appreciate an official reply from someone who knows a possible solution to this problem.


    To prevent any queries my iPad is Wifi only, but iPhone 4 will still not download updates when only on 3G. This obviously suggests that my home network port settings are not to blame, but that there is (it appears to me anyway) an issue with my iTunes account. HOW DO I FIX THIS?


    Helpful replies please.

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    My wife and I have been having this exact same problem on iphone 4's and on ipad (1st Gen), but across two apple accounts - so we were thinking it might be something to do with our router/ISP?

    any other help?

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    I am having the same can you get them to cancel pending downloads?

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