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    Hello everyone,


    Ok, I think I found a solution. I'm not sure if this will be relevant to the rest of you, but thought I would at least share.


    I was having the same error described above -- my app updates and downloads were frozen indefinitely on both my iPad and iPhone, making it so that I couldn't install anything new.


    So,... after a lot of troubleshooting, I realized that I had been using more than one apple ID to install apps (I have 2 IDs myself and my husband also has 1). I believe that the apps that stalled in their downloads did so because I was logged out of that apple ID.


    I tried to figure out a way to consolodate those apps so that they all showed up on the same ID. From what I can see, Apple makes it impossible to do this -- probable because of copyright issues. This is ridiculous to me because all of these purchases are the property of our family, plus I don't even want to share the purchases, I just want to transfer them completely.


    In any case, I ended up just deleting the apps from the 2 accounts that had the least number of purchased apps, thereby limiting my iPad and iPhone to only 1 apple ID. This totally solved the problem. Immediately after I did this, all of the downloads resumed and I haven't had any problems since.


    This whole situation is infurating because of the total inflexibility and messed up nature of Apple IDs. One of my old Apple IDs actually got hacked in the past, too, which is a whole different story of frustration...


    Good luck, everyone.

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    Well as far as I can tell (for me anyway) the ISP or router is not the issue as, when I am not my home network, and my iPhone is just connected to 3G it will still not download updates.

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    At least you appear to have fixed your issue, in my case I only have a single apple ID so I don't think this will help me. Thanks for posting that anyway though, hopefully it will help some people.


    Although now that I think about it I do have a couple of people using my ID on other devices, so in total it is on: 2 iPhone 4's, an iPhone 3G, my iPad, and an iPod touch 2gen. The itouch and the 3G aren't really used for apps anymore but are still signed in. I dunno if this might somehow be affecting my account somehow with the amount of devices....? I'm away for a few days but I'll try messing about with that when I get back.

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    I've been having problems with updating and installing apps today.


    It started earlier in the night when I installed a new app it took longer than usual to load it was stuck on waiting and after about 5 minuets it went to loading and then back to waiting for like 5 seconds and then it finally installed.


    After it installed I deleted it cuz I realized that it wasn't the an app that i really wanted.


    Anyways after i did that i noticed that one of my apps needed to update so i updated it and it got stuck on waiting and then it jumped to loading and the back to waiting agine after that a notification poped up saying this app failed to install (or run ) and it give me the option to retry or done.


    I've paused the app and re-started it, I've deleted the app and tried re-installing the app and it just won't work . I tried to install a totally different app to see if it was just that one app that i was trying to update but  it just did the same thing.

                                           This is the first time dealing with this and idk what to do!!!!!

                                                                            Please help

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    Mine works if i update one at a time, but more than 1 and i get the error.  Apple support goes years before fixing good luck all.

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    Hello all,


    I don't have anything helpful to contribute except to say that this has been happening to me for several weeks, and any solution (or perhaps a response from someone from Apple? Maybe?) would be greatly appreciated! I'm having the same error message and have tried EVERYTHING to no avail. This is supremely annoying to say the very least.


    Apple, please fix/help! This is obviously a recurring issue for many of your customers.

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    Did i not get the memo about Apple servers not working at the moment? Every time i try and download an App from the App store, it says "Unknown Error" (which by the way baffles me since they are Genius and they do not know what the error is?) and i can't do an Apple Software Update as well?

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    I have been going crazy trying to figure out what's going on with this phone. I went to my service provider Sprint who oh so politely informed me that they do not service the iphone. I have only had my phone for 3 months and have been having trouble downloading or updating my apps for the last few weeks. When trying to download or update I keep getting the error that the application cannot be downloaded or updated at this time. I really like this phone but times like this I almost hate I switched from Blackberry.

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    I forget who it was, but I tried what he did update it 1 by 1 kinda lame and hard to dobut it worked.


    1. Search the app

    2. Get to it

    3. And update

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    Yep. I'm having the same issue too. It's starting to make me want to buy anything from apple again since it doesn't look like they're doing anything to fix this problem that a bunch of their customers are having. I've tried everything that I've read about how other people have gotten their apps to download and nothing is working. Anyone figure out anything new to try?

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    Me too early this week I saw an update on my iPad and I click update, my iPad and iPhone too now when I update my apps or download it is not responding. ... It says waiting .... I tried to delete the download was unable.


    Sometime when I try to download it says wrong user apple Id is is ridiculous

    Can this problem be resolved soon

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    I have been receiving (err = -3259), (err = -50), (error = -3150), (err = -3880) and any variety of other "stopped" errors trying to download music, tv shows and movies from itunes for almost a month now.  I have googled the problem and emailed apple regarding the problem.  The most help I have found is in discussion threads like this one.  For example, if you stop and delete your errored out downloads and then delete the temp folders from your download folder on your computer and then restart itunes it will sometimes solve the problem and sometimes it will just resolve itself after re-starting the download....  It is indeed a very frustrating problem.  The most frustrating thing for me is how apple is handling it.  With so many people having the same problem and all of our internet connections, firewalls, anti-virus, etc all not having changed and working just fine - it seems to me that the problem is not on our side but rather on Apples.  However, my most recent communcation with Apple ended with a rather curt customer service agent informing me that it was MOST DEFINITELY a problem on MY end.  For all of the wonderful products that Apple creates you would think they would be able to make a better version of itunes.  It seems to be the buggiest software program ever.....

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    I'm having same problem.

  • Cyberhugger Level 1 (5 points)

    I was having this same issue in iTunes on my Mac. When I checked downloads I had 5 entries for the same app and all had an error. I right clicked on each one and deleted it. Then went back and requested the update again and it worked fine.

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    You need to restart your router. First unplug everything and turn it off and on after 5 minutes.It will fix the problem.