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I've come to the conclusion that my user account has been corrupted.  I created a new standard account, but obviously all my settings and files are on the other account.  How would I transfer these to my new account?



Mac OS X (10.6.8), iPhone 4
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    Best way to move files from User A to User B is this:


    1. Log in as A
    2. Find the files you want to move and move them to /Users/A/Public
    3. Log in as B
    4. Navigate with Finder to /Users/A/Public
    5. Drag the files to the Desktop. This will make new copies of them, with correct ownership and permissions for User B
    6. File the files away in the appropriate places in B's home folder
    7. Log back in as A and delete the files from Users/A/Public.


    You need to be careful about moving all your files from one account to another. If you move absolutely everything you are going to move the corruption to your new account too. What sort of problem are you having with your account? There may be a better and easier way to fix it.

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    I'll be on Safari and the browser will hang and when I force quit it, the laptop will either freeze or when I try and open Safari again it won't connect to the internet.  The only thing that I can do is shutdown by holding the power button.  After downloading the apple updates the other day, this now sometimes happens with Mail and some other programs.  I ran disk utility and onyx, but it still seems like my macbook pro is not runnning correctly.  If you can think of anything else to try, let me know.