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We had an older hp printer that would not scan an entire image. It would scan maybe 1/5th of an image. So we bought a new hp Photosmart 7510. It is doing the same thing. I move the image a bit. Nothing. Scan it multiple times. Same thing. The hp scanning software shows that it has scanned the entire image. But when you look it up it is not. It seems like the mac is getting the wrong information. Any suggestions?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    Which software are you using to scan with?

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    I am just using the software that came with the new hp printer.

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    Does the built in Image Capture see the Scanner?


    Is there maybe a way to drag a section of the displayed pic to get a bigger selection, like here's Image Capture, which just showed the whole page before dragging a rectangle...


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    my hp 7510 is doing exactly the same thing as "bonayers' - I have updated with the latest scanning and other software for the product.

    It scans part of a pic or several parts at once. 

    I have looked at all scanning preferences and I see no options.

    With my old Canon lide 100, I have a selection tool and options of dpi, etc. - file type, etc.


    Anyway I can reconfigure the scan on this HP?



    for your help



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    Hi. I thought I'd just update what happened with the printer. It essentially just fixed the bugs out of itself with time. The scanner only initially worked for me. Was not working for my husband though. So we didn't use it for awhile. And then he gave it another try probably a month later and it's been working fine ever since. This will most likely not help you at all but I thought I'd just mention it.