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I have an eMac from 2003 (specs below) that we're still using for basic web-surfing, email and simple Word documents.  But it seems that over the years its getting slower and slower.  This is the case on any browser (Safari, Firefox, IE) and even for Word, Finder actions, etc.  I have tried cleaning up by deleting unused aps, running Disk Utility (to repair permissions), Onyx, and ClamXav.  The HD has 20Gb free.



Any recommendations for other clean-up actions that might help to get the cobwebs out.  Thanks!



Specs:  eMac G4, 800, PPC.  Super Drive, 1G SDRAM, OSX 10.4.11. 60Gb drive (20Gb free).  L2 Cache 256kb, Bus Speed 100 MHz.



- marc

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