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Am very interested in the GH2, but have been googling on some issues but can't quite find what I need for answers.


I work with FCP on my 15" MacBook Pro. Is there a soup to nuts how to transfer footage to use in FCP? Do I need a plugin, an encoder, or anything else? (Just watched a Creative Cow vid but doesn’t say which plugin is right for GH2. Also read a bunch threads, head starting to explode. )

MacBook Pro 2.66 ghz, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    That's my video I bet.


    The camera shoots AVCHD. FCP deals with that without a plugin.  Just use Log and Transfer.

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    Ha! You're right, and it was a great video tho my brain was a bit loco by then from all the posts I'd read.


    Can I just ask this: Ok, I always copy the card to a folder on my fw drive. (In fact, I'll probably double copy tho don't have your Raid setup.) There's my backup. Can I use those files to work and make the ProRes files in FCP or will they somehow be changed by that l+t? Or, is your preference is to do the l+t with the card? After which it gets trashed.


    Btw, great tip about flipping the record inhibit tab. I also will watch again and probably again, it is a great vid and btw 2: I think your voice is fine!



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    Oops, sorry. But I take it once I have the prores files I can edit and export as always?