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What is Remote Desktop client 3.5.3?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8), Time Capsule
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    If you don't use Apple Remote Desktop or Mac OS X Screen Sharing, you won't care about this update.



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    Given your response to ronnieboone, I almost didn't bother with this. But just to be certain, here goes: my macbook pro (OSX 10.6.8) was purchased for me used several years ago in another state, from a "techie" type of guy, and shipped to me in Michigan. I download most software updates regularly, except for Remote Desktop Client updates, which I assume was something he used with some of his clients, but which I do not use or benefit from, and therefore do not need to keep up to date. Am I assuming correctly?

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    Remote Destop Client is built-in to the mac os operating system. Like paw said, long as it's off in system preference sharing it can not be used to connect to your computer. It's like the cup holder in your car, it's there, regardless if you chose to use it or not.


    Some times Software Update will not offer another update until the currently offered update is installed. So while you may not use Remote Desktop Client, you may want one of the other updates that relies on that Remote Desktop Client update being installed.


    Software Updates can also improve the security of your computer. So while your not using Remote Desktop Client, the udpate could improve the security of your computer as a whole.

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    Thanks! That makes sense...so I'll update RDC. But that raises another question. Is Remote Desktop Client unique in that way (should be updated even if not used in order to allow other security-related updates that rely  on RDC to come through)? For example, I don't use Garage Band either, even though it is installed, so I don't install the updates. Should I install those too?  susan