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I have never had a problem uploading books. ALL the books I put on my iPhone/iPad/iTunes are in .EPUB format. I would drag them into the "Book" category at the top left hand side, the space bar would fill up, I'd sync and then voila, it's in my iBooks.


I noticed today that I have 1400 books in my "book" category, yet only 1200 are syncing. I've deleted iBooks, synced, installed again. Same problem. I have 3.2GB of space free, and am even willing to let go of some of my music, although I don't think space is the problem since I cut my music in half (from 6.6GB to 3.4GB) and I still had the same problem. I've tried just unsyncing the books, syncing the iPad that way, then syncing the books again.


I've done a soft reset and I've even restored it. NOTHING at all is helping.


Oh, and another thing, which isn't quite as important but, when I edit info of the books on iTunes, it won't sync it to my iPad. I'll still get the original name. I've even tried changing the name of the original file, outside of iTunes, and no darn luck.



If anyone knows of anyway to fix this that DOESN'T involve throwing my iPad 3 out the 4th floor window, I'd appreciate it!




Also, don't know if this'll help, everytime I try to sync my books now, it won't let me select the "all books" option. As soon as I click it, it reverts to "selected books" and I went through the hassle of selecting every single darn one and it still isn't all the books in my collection.

iPad (3rd generation) Wi-Fi, iOS 5.1.1
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    I have the same problem. I see my books in iTunes and stored on my computer but they won't sync to my iPad 1. I've tried "sync all" and "selected books" I've tried restarting the computer and iPad. I thought maybe my kids may have deleted the books but they say they didn't. Even if they did, I should still be able to re-sync.


    I believe the problem may have occured with the software update 5.1.1. It seemed to be working fine until I upgraded. Very frustrating!

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    My books still appear on my shelf on my iPad but all have disappeared from my iTunes book folder except the iPad User guide I had there.


    Really weird. Also when I tried syncing my iPad it wanted to erase my ipad and sync with iTunes which would have lost me all my books. I had purchased books in that folder along with Apple's sample fixed layout and other book samples etc.


    Anyone any idea why the books have disappeared from iTunes?

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    Okay just because I spent 72+ hrs working this out on my own because I didnt see any tips for fixing this problem, here ya go! (I'm not promissing anything but it worked for me and didnt hurt my iPod or anything in any way) 

    1. It was only the books that I downloaded for free from various e-reader sites that didnt sync. (Example: some masonic books from project gettysburge)

    2. Nothing I did seemed to make them sync properly


    I got a nool 1st gen (in Nov '11) and I read manga on it so I had a few programs for converting vaious things. One program I happen to have is Calibre (its a FREE program so go goggle it or whatever)


    My fix (AFTER you download and instal calibre, dont be stupid. This wont work if you dont have the program):

    1. Open calibre
    2. click "add books"
    3. navigate to the original epub file (NOT the one the one in your iTunes folder unless thats the only one you have left)
    4. After locating the file, select it
    5. Click "open" (if you did it right you'll see a pop up window saying adding, then it will show up in the calibre window)
    6. If its not already selected click on the book you just added
    7. click "convert books"
    8. in the upper right corner is an option that says "output format:" change that to PDF (if you dont do this BEFORE step 9 then you'll have to repete step 9)
    9. Change/Add anything you need to (so if you need to put in the author to the book title on the right go ahead, there is also a spot to add a different book cover down at the bottom it says "change cover image:" if you click the little file folder button just below that and slightly to the right, navigate to the jpeg you want as the cover and click open)
    10. When you are done changeing/adding down at the bottom click "ok"
    11. in the bottom right corner you'll see the timer and in about 3-5 min the book will be a PDF
    12. Delete the non-sync'ing books in your iTunes
    13. Go to file and click add file (yea got to do it one at a time sorry)
    14. Navigate to Libraries
    15. Double click on documents
    16. Double click on Calibre Library
    17. Now you'll see folders of the authors, pick on to starts
    18. Once in that author's folder you'll see files for all the books you've converted by that author, go into one and left click the the PDF file
    19. Click open
      1. For the rest of the books you add the file, navigate to the other files by that author and get the PDF flies in there.

    That takes care of getting the files back into your iTunes. Now to get them onto your iPod/iPad

    1. Attach device for syncing
    2. Click "Books" across the top
    3. Check "Sync Books"
    4. Check "Selected Books"
    5. In top half where it says "Books" is a drop down menu that says "Books and PDFs" change that to "PDFs only"
    6. Pick the PDFs you want
    7. Sync

    One more part and you're there

    1. On your iPod/iPad go to the iBook app
    2. Where it says "Books" at the top in the middel click that
    3. Select "PDFs"

    WOOT YOUR DONE!!! All your books should now be there. Just remember they are PDFs now so reading them will be a little different then what you're used to with the ePUBs. Hope this helps!

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    Hey, guys. I know this is an old thread, but I figured a fix to the problem... I can't guarentee that you'd be able to recreateit, but it's worth a try.
    I'm using iTunes 11 now, and an iPod Touch 3rd gen running iOS 5.1.1.

    All I did to fix the problem was go to the "On this iPod" tab and manually drag and drop all of my books on to it, then, still on the "On this iPod" tab, click Sync.

    Worked for me, hope you have the same luck =]