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    Your location is Colorado and you're in my choir?  LOL  Hm.....

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    last location was ft. collins now live in grandview mo

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    My iMac also has the dropping issue.  I upgraded to ML (took about 3 days, literally, to download).  This helped this issue, in that it dosn't drop as often.  My download speeds also seem slow.  As for this being a router issue, then why at the same time the iMac drops does my iPod still have a connection? When this happens (almost always when my 4 year old wants to watch a video on the internet) I click the WIFI icon and turn off WIFI and then turn the WIFI back on.  This reconnects everything untill the next drop.  My thoughts are that it is either a hardware issue with the iMac that Apple hasn't admitted yet, or its a just plug it in and it works (as long as it another apple product) issue.  With most of the solutions involving upgrading to an apple router, the later seems to be the answer.

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    Yadah, see this article to "forget" other networks. This is a known issue apparently- and can cause your airport to "jump" between avail/saved networks.



    I did this fix however, and it did not resolve my issue. I am running 10.7.5 on my iMac and on my Mac book pro.

    the Mac Book is fine- the imac loses network connectivity every 1-7 minutes. Never had that issue in 10.6


    This is another fix that has worked for some ML users (10.8) ms/

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    Has anyone found that the 10.7.5 update or upgrading to 10.8 has resolved this issue?

    Im in 10.7.5 and tried most of the listed fixes to no avail- worried about going to 10.8 just yest- sounds kinda buggy...

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    I have not dropped signal since 10.7.5.   Only wireless issue Is that sometimes when I boot the computer it does not pick up my network and I have to manually select it. I am keeping my fingers crossed that this remains 'fixed'.

    I have Two year old 27 inch iMac and Netgear n600 router.

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    I upgraded to10.8.2 to resolve it. It is the same or worse. When is Apple either going to fix it or find what is causing it?

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    I just tried thefix from the osx daily. I had a YouTube video that I tried this morning. It was 9 mins and started stopping and  starting  1 minute into the tape and from then on would  go for about 15 secs before stopping for a variable time then continue the tape, very frustrating. After the fix it ran perfectly for the first 5 minutes than went into the stop start mode but must say it was more uniform in behavior and never stopped more than 5 to 10 seconds. So better than before but no fix. However my thanks for the suggestion, it is a start for me.

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    me too and me too........blah!

    are we a statistical anomaly or is apple going the way of microsoft.........................................

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    After rebooting my computer last night, I received a Youtube photography video this morning. Played the whole 10 min without any stops so maybe the fix reported by mannyortiz really works. antone else try it?

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    I was goign nuts trying to figure out why my internet connection dropped all day long


    After turning off my virtual machine / fusion it all stopped... no more disconnects.

    Anytime my virtual machine is on my imac loses internet a few times a day


    so for me at least it also seems to be related to VMWARE Fusion

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    An update. I now use 10.8.2 and for a week everything worked as it should. Now the last 2 days it has been impossible to see a video. They usually stop after a couple of minutes then sputter for the rest. The same youtube video will play with no difficulty on my TV using the same wifi picked up by my blue ray player. what gives and is Apple ever going to fix it?

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    i'm still running 10.6.8 and my internet connection keeps dropping out...... any help out there?

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    yes me too, I have 10.8.2 same issues

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    The same issue here. 10.8.2, mid-2011 imac. When are Apple going to fix this?