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iTunes is the worst music application I have ever used and would love to be able to use a different application to sync music with. I have a really nice computer, but it is taking 10 times longer to sync music than Windows Media Player. I'm beginning to understand all the hate people have for Apple, besides how over-priced all their products are.

iPod touch, iOS 5.1
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    There is none.

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    Found one. Now I don't have to use that horrid application ever again.

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    white_dynamite wrote:


    Found one. 

    Are you sure? That doesn't look (to me) as though it's suitable for managing an iPod.


    I'm guessing, since you mention Windows Media Player, that you have been using it for a while and have just bought yourself an iPod. In that case, you simply need to get used to iTunes, in the same way as a car driver needs to get used to a new vehicle or a new employee has to get used to the demands of his or her new job.


    I find iTunes much better for managing the device it has been designed to work with (Apple products) than anything that other MP3 players or Portable Media Players use. Often the software used to manage other MP3 players isn't specifially designed for the device at all and it can be like forcing a round object into a square hole.


    Try understanding how you can get can get the best out of iTunes instead of trying to make it do what Windows Media Player does.

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    I think he confused Riping and Synching.


    I have a 30 gig Zune, a 30 gig 5th gen iPod Video, an iPhone 4, and a 4th gen iPod Touch. 


    Before I got these devices I used Media Player to import my CDs.  MP calls this "Ripping". I used the Zune software to manage the Zune (DUH)...


    When I got my iPod, I naturally used iTunes to port my music over and to import some new CDs.


    iTunes is significantly slower, especially if you have error correction turned on...