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My iTunes gift card was purchased in the US with US dollars. The price listed is in US dollars. The amount taken from my credit is not what was listed on the price. I am quite angry about this deception. And I can't possibly be the only one to have had this happen.


Here is what happened:

I had $19.82 in credit. All credit had been purchased in the US, normally, with US legal tender.

I clicked a button stating clearly $9.99 and now I have $9.06 in credit. So I've paid $10.76 for something sold to me as costing $9.99.

It's not about the difference, it's about the fact that I've been charged a price not disclosed beforehand and have no recourse now. How many other people have been cheated this little bit from each of their purchases?


Does anyone know someone I can file a claim with?

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