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I have a Mac OS X Lion Server connecting to the internet using a Time Capsule as the router.

The Time Capsule also has file sharing enabled so I can access its disks internally (no WAN access enabled).

File Sharing is enabled on the server.


I can access both the server sharepoints and the Time Capsule disks from my own network. BUT, I cannot access the server sharepoints from the internet. 

In the Port Mapping set up on the Time Capsule, it reports a TCP port conflict for the AFP/SMB service.

If I turn OFF the Time Capsule File Sharing, then I can access the server sharepoints from the internet, but now I have no access to the Time Capsule hard disk from my network.


Is there any way to have a Time Capsule with File Sharing AND a Server with File Sharing at the same time?


Thanks for any help...

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    Sure! Set up the VPN service on Lion Server and use that to VPN in to your network. Then you will be able to access both.

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    I was experiencing the same problem when I upgraded to a Time Capsule. To fix the problem remove all personal file sharing port mapping settings. Then make sure that the enable  file share, and enable over WAN is on and checked for the TC, then update the TC. While that's updating go into the server app and remove any old file sharing protocols from the TC on the server app. Next add a new custom protocol by hitting the + name it file share and set the port to 140. hit the update button and wait for it to finish. Once that's finish go back to the airport utility and find the newly made file share protocol by selecting it under port mapping for the TC. If you don't have the newly made one in there make a new one your self. Name it the same as you did in the server app and set the public TCP ports to 140 and the private TCP ports to 548, make sure the private IP address is set to the same as your server in the reserve. Update the time capsule and you should be able to access both by putting in the appropriate afp://www.yourserver.com:140 for the server and afp://www.yourserver.com:548  for the TC. Have fun, lion server can be a little fussy!

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    to simplify my above statement:

    1. Open Server App

    2. Under Services turn file sharing on

    3. Do not turn file sharing on in the Hardware Section under your time Capsule

    4. Close Server App (all the way)

    5. open AirPort Utility App

    6. Choose your time capsule

    7. select edit and then network box

    8. under port settings hit the + box

    9. under Description choose Personal File Sharing

    10. change public tcp Ports to 143 or what ever you want

    11.  verify the ip address matches the Server IP Reserve

    12. under Private Tcp Ports put 548 only

    13. go to Disk tap in Airport Utility

    14. make sure file sharing is enabled and share disks over WAN

    15. Update Airport Utility

    16. To conect to server share files: open finder; Go tab; Connect to Server;

         type afp://your.domain.com:143 to conect to server: to or afp://your.domain.com:548 to connect to the time



    enjoy works for ML too just verified

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    woops change this in last step   


    type afp://your.domain.com:143 to conect to server: to or afp://your.domain.com: router.address (usaully to connect to the time


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    This works for me as well.  Obviously the Time Capsule team did not collaborate with the Server team.  Maybe an update to Time Capsule will eventually allow for changing the port it uses or at least documentation could be provided describing solutions such as this one.

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    you my friend are a life saver thank you for the info. This was a puzzler for me and this did the trick.

    Many thank Yous