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I have an iPad 2 64 GB


It has for a number of months intermittently stopped responding to any touch screen inputs. This issue began almost as soon as I opened the iPad for the first time. As it was happening very rarely and normally responded eventually, so I thought nothing of it.


This week the iPad will not respond to any touch input at all (Home, On/Off, Volume and Mute buttons still respond). I have tried the hard reset process a number of times and still nothing.


I backed up the device to my machine and applied the latest update 5.1.1 and still no response. I then did a factory reset and still nothing.


I have never dropped or damaged my iPad in any way.


Does anybody know of any ongoing issues with the touch screen or a solution to this problem?

iPad 2, iOS 5.1.1
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    If you have tried everyone of those things that you listed, I would not try anything further except to contact Apple now. The device has a one year warranty and if the touch screen has gone bad - as long as there was no accidental damage - they will replace the device

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    Thank you.


    I've already booked myself in to the Genius Bar this week.


    I suspect it is a hardware failure and more specifically a loose internal connection.

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    This may be caused by the voiceover function being turned on accidentally.  Press the home button 3 times in rapid succession and see if it restores touch screens ability to recognize touch input.  If it does, this was your problem.