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I am having problem with my entire MAC HD being shared to anyone on my home network and wanted to remove this access.  The following paths are approximate since I can't get into the machine.  I went to "Finder" and selected "Macintosh HD" and then "Get Info."  On sharing at the bottem it listed System, Wheel and Everyone as users.  System and Wheel had "Read & Write" privledges and "Everyone" has "Read only."  I thought this was for file sharing on the network but I know now that this is for ANY access to the Macintosh HD.  My system could not be shut down, no applications could be selected.  I could do nothing on the machine at all.  I shutdown hoping to get to the boot version of the "Disk Utility" and try to repair permissions but that is not accessable and the spinning timer is all that appears on boot.  Nothing else.  I can get into single user mode though.  Is there a way to recover or reset the "Everyone" user on the "Macintosh HD" (I assume that is the root of the drive).to "read only" privledges?

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7.4), 16GB Memory, Samsung 60" HDTV