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I am in a bit of a quagmire. I have two accounts with apple for the app store and itunes. This happened when Apple changed the format of the community hlep website and I though I had to create another login username and PW. I now have two USernames and PWs. Apple will not merge them for me and it is a pain to deal with. I can get by doing app updates on my ipod and iphone, but my songs are giving me greif. I am using my current account and I don't have access to all my songs on my iphone. I also am missing some album art when I update it.


Can I more all my songs over to one folder so I can get them under one account? I know there is DRM meta data, but I won the songs and want to have access to them.


I have begged apple to merge my accounts, but they refuse.


Please let me know how I can drag songs from one username to the other and delete them from my old account.


If this request doesn't make sense, please ask follow up questions.