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I'm a new iPad user. I just bought the iPad3 64GB. I bought the Camera Control kit but was disappointed to learn it only imports images. The SD adapter doesn't work at all. Is this common?


I want to use an external hard drive as additional storage, to read images, video, movies, notes, documents, spreadsheets, PDFs, ect without having to import them.


How can I do this? I know Seagate just released a WiFi hard drive. Does a drive need to have a specific file system?



iPad (3rd generation) Wi-Fi, iOS 5.1.1
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    You cannot do this as you've described. See iPad- Using iPad Camera Connector with unsupported USB devices and iPad- Using the iPad Camera Connection Kit.


    Oh, yes devices must be formatted Mac OS Extended, Journaled. Communication by WiFi to network storage is possible, and there are several apps for that.

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    The camera connection kit only copies photos and videos to the Photos app on the iPad - it can't be used to copy other content to the iPad, nor to copy content off the iPad.


    To copy photos and videos via the SD part of the kit, then if you are adding the photos/videos to it yourself (as opposed to them coming directly from the camera) then you need to create a DCIM directory off the root of the card with the photos/videos underneath it, and the photo/video filenames need to be exactly 8 characters long (no spaces) plus the file extension i.e. in a similar format as if a camera had created/written them.


    There are a fer wifi enabled drives starting to come onto the market, but I believe (though I'm not entirely sure) that they are mainly for streaming content to the iPad.

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    Check out:




    I don't have one (yet) but I'm looking at this for the same reasons you are... and to store some more movies for the kids...

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    Hey Rick,


    I would say your best option is to get the Seagate GoFlex Satellite. It's a portable wifi hard drive you can use with the iPad. I currently have and use one and it's the best solution for this kind of thing I have come accross. There is only one size: 500GB but it is cheaper than the Hyper Drive.

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    If what you are doing is storing movies and music and docs, by the time you get done with the cost and mechanics of the external drive, you might as well just use your computer and sync what you want over when you want it.

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    TyBranch, how the performance when streaming videos? Not too worried about full HD but certainly good DVD quality, as apposed to something squeezed and compressed to within an inch of its life...