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None of my iDevices can read my iTunes library after about 30 minutes. My iDevices lose connection to my library and  I have to do one of the three following things in iTunes to regain connectivity: 1. Restart iTunes 2: Stop / Start Home Services 3: Start playing a song.

I'ts as if iTunes goes into a background or sleep mode. During the loss of connectivity my iDevices show that there's a library shared, but I cannot connect to it.

iPhone 4, iOS 5
Reply by SilverSevens on May 23, 2012 8:26 PM Helpful
Have not had to restart iTunes since 22 May - Thats a full 24 hours, more importantly it's been an overnight and a workday.Remember I previously unchecked IPv6 option in NIC Card settings. This is still the case.As promised, my power settings are:Turn off hard disk after : 20minDesktop background settings: Slide Show: AvailableWireless Adapter Settings - Power Saving Mode: Maximum PerformanceSleep after: NeverAllow hybrid sleep: OffHibernate after: NeverAllow wake timers: EnableUSB Selective suspend setting: EnabledPCI Express - Link State Power Management: OffProcessor Power Management - Minimum: 90%  -  Maximum: 100%Turn Off Display after: 10 MinutesMultimedia Settings - When Sharing Media: Prevent idling to sleepWhen playing video - Optimize video quality
Reply by Miles Kurland on Jul 27, 2012 6:05 PM Helpful
I was VERY glad to find this thread.  Of course I thought that having my ATV3 hardwired to my gigabit Ethernet network would give better bandwidth and be less susceptible to interference. Hmph. What's a little worrying to me is that I can't find the command line netstat utility… and when I run aut0maticdan's script, it's not finding it either!   That's a little weird - everyone else seems to have it, but it's nowhere to be found on my 2008 Mac Pro.

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  • driab Level 1 Level 1

    I Have this same problem Thanks driab

  • SilverSevens Level 1 Level 1

    I'm glad to know I'm not the only one. How would you describe it. May be better than me. May help in fixing it.

  • driab Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks for your response. I have the same problem on my ipad 2 and my ipod touch after about 20 minuits the connection drops out(I have an airport extreme) this dose not happen when I stream" Tune In" radio ,therefore it must be something in the way the music library is streamed.

    When it drops out ipod will not recognise the sahred library If Ireboot the ipod it workes again. Very frustrating.


  • Davids8477 Level 1 Level 1

    Same issue here.  I cannot say it how long it takes, but I do know that when Itunes first starts all is OK - for both IOS devices and other computers - all Mac's.


    But after some time I have to either restart the main Itunes or turn home sharing off and back on.


    This is most frustrating as it has been working for years until the recent Itunes update.

  • SilverSevens Level 1 Level 1

    Agreed Davids8477 have you tried just starting a song on the Computer also.

    Something else that I noticed is when you do this "restart" it repopulates the albumn covers quickly, but as time goes on that repopulation gets slower. As if the process degrades alowly until it's un-readable again. I meant to add that in my origional post. Hopefully we may get enough posts for Apple to notice

  • cvion Level 1 Level 1

    Smae issue here, but I'm unable to get Home Sharing started again (after MAc and iOS restarts, Home Sharing on/off. etc.) This happend a few weeks ago and turngin Home Sharing Off/On fixed the connection issue b/w iPad2 5.1 and iTunes 10.6.1 running on a OSX10.6.8.


    I updated to iOS 5.1.1 on iPad2 today, watched a movie and then about 20 minutes into a 2nd movie I lost connection (Sharing tab in Video app disappeared and has not come back.) The update seems like the culprit, but odd it worked for over 2 hours before stopping, odd I can't get Sharing to work anymore (iTunes see's my iOS devices b/c I can conenct to iTunes to enter my passcod efor connecting the Remote app.) Appears to be an issue with iTunes broadcasting Home Sharing, even thougt it says it is on.

  • SilverSevens Level 1 Level 1

    Thank you cvion. Hopefully Apple will notice us and assist in a resolution

  • SilverSevens Level 1 Level 1

    Stay tuned!! I wiped my iTunes 10.6.1 install and installed 10.6. Rock solid so far! Been several hours issue free. True test will be status in the morning! Will keep you posted.

  • Attilas Level 1 Level 1

    Anything related to Power Options of computer hosting iTune Home Sharing ?


    May be new iTune update doesn't properly avoid computer to get into a power saving state.


    I have the same issue since 5-6 months but it only happen after 2-3++ hours. Never had problem listening to a complete movie. Restarting Home Sharing and/or Itune look like the only common solution.


  • SilverSevens Level 1 Level 1

    Attilas; My best answer right now is "No". I adjusted my Power Management profile to everything always on and it made no difference

    However the way the issue behaves, it seems like the program goes into a Background mode and never recovers.

  • SilverSevens Level 1 Level 1

    Reverting to 10.6 from 10.6.1 didn't help. Bad behavior remains consistant.

  • SilverSevens Level 1 Level 1

    Scrubbed and reinstalled OS + all updates. Installed Office2010 and Firefox. Installed iTunes 10.6.1

    Still have issue.

    New important note. Saw discussion in another area stating that IPv6 interferes with iTunes. Unchecked IPv6 in NIC Card settings. iTunes running strong and consistent.

    Check back in the morning I will have results of this test.

  • Attilas Level 1 Level 1

    Please keep posted on that ipv6.


    Having trouble to see if IpV6 is disabled on VMWare ESXI on my side. If it fix for you will dig in a bit more.

  • SilverSevens Level 1 Level 1

    IPv6 did not completely resolve the issue. Although iTunes worked for a much longer period of time, it did fail by morning. I'm going leave IPv6 unchecked and make adjustments to the power management parameters.

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