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I've been trying to sync photos from a folder on my Windows computer for about two hours now. I've updated both the iPad and the iTunes to their latest version. I have 339 photos in this album, and only about 50-100 of them sync. I can't get all 339. I've even tried splitting them up into multiple folders - nothing works. Is there something I should be doing for all of them to sync? Or is there another way I could go about trying to sync them?

iPad (3rd generation) Wi-Fi, iOS 5.1.1
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    There seem to be a 16 GB or so limit but from your description I do not think you arer close.

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    Nowhere near. It's about 1.3 GB, but it's only making it to about .8 before stopping, often less than that.

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    Did you find a solution to this?  I have a folder of about 3.6Gb containing 2754 photos and have never had issues in the past synching.  When I tried to synch last night, I got a message that "27 items could not be synched.  See iTunes for more information."  I looked all over itunes but could not find any error message.  There was one specific picture I was looking for to upload which has not shown up and no matter how many syncs I tried it never did.  To try to resolve this, I picked a new folder with only 6 pictures in it and re-synced.  As expected, it eliminated my library of 2700+ pictures in favour of the 6 I have now told it to sync.  I cleared the 'ipod photo cache folder' and then re-set itunes to sync this folder.  It synced the folder again, however this time synced 1600 pictures and now I have a message '1154 items could not be synced.  See iTunes for more information.'  Again, iTunes has no more information.


    I have an iPhone 3GS but this is the first time I've had sync problems.