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Why won't iCal open on my MacBook Pro? Computer has OS 10.7.4 Lion.

It had worked just fine in 10.7.3
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    I have been experiencing the same problem since last Friday. I have tried the following:


    • Cleared all Application Support files, cache and calendar files in my user library.
    • I have repraired permissions, twice.
    • Removed iCloud configuration in system preferences.
    • Tried multiple user accounts.


    All of these things have not worked. I would love to know if anyone has experienced this and actually fixed the problem.

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    Same problem with me- tried all of the above to fix it myself and it just won't start. I might try a reinstall of iCal only.


    Also have noticed since upgrading to 10.7.4 that my browsers, Safari and Firefox, take much longer to render web pages!!!


    How do I go back to 10.7.3???