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    I have the same problem. Cannot log in using my current email address. Tried to reset the password but did not receive email. Can only log in using old account but that is an old email account which does not exist anymore. Hence, I cannot setup iCloud. I want my accounts rolled into one but I fear it has been hacked as the security question won't accept my birthdate. Please help!


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    Hi all.

    I am too, i've tried to reset password, apple said "email has been sent" but did'nt receive email. I have tried 100 times . Please help me!


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    Exact same problem !! I just want to disable my other account because I'm not able to download anything from the AppStore. Even though I have a completely new account, the AppStore wants me to login into the account that was hacked. So, I just want Apple to shutdown this account so I can start downloading my stuff !

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    This also happened to me in June 2008; thankfully, my credit card information with the account had already expired. At that time, I didn't report it, just created a new Apple ID for itunes.


    However, four years later, i am still having issues (and am currently emailing with an Apple rep concerning this through the billing and purchasing department) authorizing music bought under that previous hacked Apple ID. This all came to light when i got a new computer and tried transfering the music files via home sharing. When i purchased an iPhone in fall of 2011, I somehow was able to regain access (or maybe re-create?) that previous account. That's why i believe i am having this issue with authorizing— even though these select songs were purchased under the same Apple ID that was once hacked, it's almost like that account was re-created, thus erasing my previous purchases under that same account name. When i check my purchase history under that account, it only has a history that starts from fall 2011 to the present. Is anyone else having this issue?


    As someone said earlier, i've done EVERYTHING that has been suggested on the boards, and have spent a good 5 hours or more trying to figure this out myself. I'm thankful someone is now helping me; however, i don't know if i've been emailing with an actual person or some kind of automated responser. It's almost like whoever is reading my emails are not listening to fact that i've done every suggestion they offer up, and that i think i've narrowed down the problem. I will post the resolution if this is finally resolved.

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    Just wanted to post my resolution (yes, there is one!) in case anyone else has this issue in the future


    I apparently have another Apple ID, which i did not create, in which the songs i was having trouble authorizing are shown as being purchased under (my ID name was altered by removing one letter of the original ID name, i assume by the hacker). At the time, i didn't report it; i just created another Apple ID. Thankfully, I was able to log into this hacked account by resetting my password. I did have to supply an answer for my security question, but it was the same. I wouldn't have even known about this other ID if not for emailing a complaint to


    Hope this helps!

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    I got this problem yesterday when I was going to get an app from the store and I was told to type in my password. I've never had any problems before with my account so haven't changed my password so I just typed in my password and it told me it was wrong. So I tried a few other password that I have for some games I play but they were also all wrong.
    Now I was getting kinda frustrated so I did the password recovery with the e-mail or the secret question thing. I never got an e-mail the first time nor the fifth time I tried and when I did the secret question, the thing told me that my birthday date was wrong. So I got confused and went to the Apple website and tried to log on there, I tried to log in but it was the same deal. It told me that there was no apple ID in my name.
    So I guess someone hacked it and change everything! I made a new account with my e-mail that I have in the first account, which is strange, to try to get some help with this.


    Is there any thing you or I can do to get this fixed?


    Best regards,


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