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I am a moderator on the citizen science “Moon Zoo” forum and one of the tools we use to examine images of the lunar surface sent back by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter is the ACT-REACT QuickMap Tool - found at


When people find an image they want us to look at they often post an ACT-REACT link. These links are the problem. Under the Mac OS X 10.7.4 release, using the latest Safari (5.1.7) or Chrome (18.0) or Firefox (12.0) browsers, the images take ages (from 9 to 17 minutes) to load. Sometimes they don’t load at all.


The same ACT-REACT link will load in under a minute when using Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) on the same machine - I have a second hard-drive containing Snow Leopard. None of the users of the forum using PC software have reported problems so looks like it's restricted to Lion.


Other web sites work fine, it is only this one site that I have problems with and only when using Lion.


The following ACT-REACT link is the one I used in testing: 23&mz=11


When using Safari 5.1.7 to access the above link I get the following messages in the Error Console:


“Failed to load resource: The request timed out.  fprovweb.exe” (this error displayed over 300 times)


Full image took 17 minutes to load.



Google Chrome 18.0 browser took 9 minutes to load the image.


Firefox 12.0 browser never finished loading.


This problem occurs on my Mac Pro and MacBook systems.


I have reported this on the Apple Feedback site.

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