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I got an error like: " There was a problem connecting to the server "Time-Capsule.local"

This happens when I connect my MacBook to the power supply being not in the same network with the TimeCapsule. It seems like Lion tries to start a backup tough there isn't my timecapsule.

Has somebodey an idea what to do?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
  • Bob Timmons Level 10 Level 10 (92,395 points)

    If you remove your Mac from the original network where the Time Capsule resides, you will receive the error message that you are seeing.


    You will need to remember to turn off Time Machine when the Mac is not on the same network as the Time Capsule.


    Click the Time Machine "clock" icon at the top of the Mac's screen

    Click Open Time Machine Preferences

    Turn Time Machine OFF


    When the Mac returns to the network where the Time Capsule resides, you can turn Time Machine back ON

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    Thank you for answering my question.

    I use my Mac since to two years in this composition and there never had been a message like this. The Time Machine Symbol showed an exclamation mark an there wasn't an error-message. Now I get error-messages. That's why I am wondering.

    Turning of Time Machine can't be the solution. It is very unpractical. Something musst have changed. I don't know what.

  • Bob Timmons Level 10 Level 10 (92,395 points)

    I use my Mac since to two years in this composition

    I notice that your profile indicates that you are using Lion 10.7.3. Since Lion was not even available two years have made some changes on your Mac.


    There was another update for Lion recently....10.7.4.....which you may have installed as well. If that is the case...and you are now seeing the "new" error message.....the most recent Lion update might be the reason.


    Unfortunately, I'm not aware of a "fix", but maybe another user can help.

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    i have the same probelm with lion 10.7.4 and it started 2 weeks after buying and installing tc.

    my iMac (lmid 2011) is always inthe same network.

  • Mike V's Nano Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    I too am having a similar problem. However, I restart the backup and it runs correctly. I am not sure but I wonder if it has anythng to do with the power save putting the system to sleep?

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    I'm getting the same message, and I'm pretty sure I know why I'm getting it. However, I don't have a solution yet. I had a home network coming from a time capsule, and I wanted to add an airport express. I managed to make it work, but had to reset the time capsule in the process. I used Airport Utility 5.6. After this, when I entered time machine in system preferences, it said that the computer had never been backed up, and when I tried to start a new backup, it gave me the error that we all have. I figure that the addition of the airport express caused the computer not to recognize the network as the same one the time machine is on, and thus cannot connect properly. That's what it sounded like, anyway, based on the result of me trying to verify the backups (menu bar icon + option). I'll try messing around with it in airport utility, and i'll let you know if I figure anything out.

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    Yes this is new and very annoying.


    I've been using a time machine backup and a time capsule for a few months now. I'd just leave time machine running and when I was at home it'd backup and when I was at work it's just silently fail to connect and not bug me.  Then it'd reconnect when I got home and backup again.  This was perfect.  It would eventually pop up a dialog if I left it for too many days where it couldn't backup but that was pretty rare.


    Now I get a dialog popping up on schedule every hour that I'm at work telling me that it can't connect.


    a) I know

    b) I don't care

    c) how do I shut it up.


    This seems to have changed in the last few days - I assume that it was a patch though I've got to say that I didn't notice one.

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    Guy, I'm having the same problem on MacBook Pro 2009 (Lionm 10.7.4) and MacBookAir 2012 (Lion 10.7.4) with a time capsule.  Just recently started asking for the TC every time I move to another network.   

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    There's a suggestion half way down this page to turn off 'find my mac' or 'back to my mac' in iCloud which has potentially solved the problem for one or two users.  I don't have back to my  mac enabled and am away from home and still getting the message, so not sure I hold much confidence in this... Anyone else find this useful?


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    I've also recently noticed this. Do any of you have Sophos Anti Virus? There are some reports that the latest Version 8 causes this problem. I've had it installed for some time but with On-Access Scanning disabled, so I'll try disabling it completely and see if that helps.


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    Yes - I have Sophos v8 installed. Thanks for posting. I'm back home now, but will try disabling sophos tomorrow when in the office.

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    Interesting that I still had the problem with Sophos On-Access Scanning disabled, so I've completely removed Sophos AV and the problem is solved. Not sure Sophos was doing anything worthwhile anyhow!

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    Ok, just so people know: if you have my problem, try from the admin account. Yeah. Derp. Also, if you get a slow-moving loading bar that says "verifying backup", you're golden. Just let it finish. If it works like mine, the computer will find its old backups, and continue on like nothing happened. That's all I can say, but I still hope it helps.

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    It seem like Sophos is responsible for the Error.

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