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I worte a quick series of sheets that do some caluation on time example time out time in Duration (elapsed time) and a delta to an optimun time, with the expectation to sort on that colume for placing first through... Everything works great on teh desktop, no so on the ipad version, I keep getting a message that The operation "-" can't subtract a date from a number.  Whcih for me is a *** moment as this all works fine on the desktop.  I've gone into to look at the format of the cells in number for/on? the iPad. I am defning them as time, at least it appears that way.


Please go easy on me wth any suggests, conculsions and or observations I'm basically not a spreadsheet guru, just trying to help my wife out for a volenteer group we support. By being able to reduce the amount of data entry required.


thanks a bunch folks,

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    Seeing the expression in question might make it easier for us to suggest a solution. Is the expression identical on both versions? Same expression works on one and not the other? Same Cell Format on both systems?


    Doing math on Date/Time values and on Duration values can be tricky. Often it's best to convert to Numeric format first.



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    I'll work on that, not sure how to capture screen shots on the iPad? The issue I encounter with converting with numeric was the whole AM/PM thing. A team leaves say 10:00 AM but doesn't come back until say 1:30PM, while other teams stay with the AM hours. Since this was first created on the desktop.



    Here is with the inspector view From the first table called Pace Detail Open

    table pace details open.jpg

    Here is the open table:

    Open Table layout.jpg


    Just as a reminder this is all working fine on teh desktop version, save it to an iDisk and bring it up on teh iPad and we encounter the formula error mentioned above.


    I will to learn... so bring it on... LOL



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    Showing me what works isn't going to help much. I know what works, in most case at least.


    So, what is different on the iPad?



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    I'm not sure, I wasn't using it just that everything seemed different and she couldn't do any data entry. I've played around the iPad version more, and I think it maybe the way the data entry was being performed? I think but haven't verified that yet. I need to go back delete the files from her iDisk and start over again.


    I hope it is a simple as the classic short between the seat and the keyboard.


    Thanks for the inight I'll keep you posted and won't leave the thread hanging if you know what I mean.


    Thanks for you help..... Again

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    Well it appears that is what happen was just another short between the seat and the keyboard. I deleted everything and started a new.  Everything appears to be working the same for both the iPad and the desktop versions. 


    I'm guessing when they sat down to start entering the data they could figure it out and started changing cell formats, which in turn mucked up the spreadsheet.  I kept going back to the iPad and reverting but clearly was doing something wrong. I think number for iOS creates and keeps multiple copies and that was the misdirection that did me in on this one.


    I just did several entries, haven't tried the sort rotinue yet, but wouldn't understand why it wouldn't work.


    Sometimes we all just need a slap on the side of the head...  thanks for that one.

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    Well, I wasn't trying to slap you, just trying to drag out a little bit more information in hopes that I could tell what was going on. Glad you think you have a handle on it.


    It might be helpful to separate the data entry areas from the formula areas (separate tables), and even to lock the formula tables. Numbers has traditionally, in my opinion, been weak on features for making it useful to anyone but the person who programmed it. I see people ising iPads for data entry all the time, but I don't know what app they're using. Could be some custom corporate work, I suppose, but it would be nice if Numbers could fill that niche. Numbers' Data Entry Form concept is a step in the proper direction. Have you investigated that? I don't have an iPad here, so I can't speak from experience on it.



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    Not at all I appericate the smack in teh side of the head, we all need one once and awhile, it helps get the grey matter moving. Going to lok into locking everything down. I a much bigger fan of filemaker for stuff like this as spreadsheets programs are like you said more atune for the reson who programmed it.  That one nice thing about filemaker beyond crossplatform etc...


    Adain thanks for your help and getting it back on track.