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Hi again Folks


I'm wondering which is the best way to preserve the battery life of the MacBook Pro:


1. using it plugged to the electricity.

2. using just the batteries.

3. using the batteries till they're out of energy, then recharge them without using the MBP.

4. using the batteries till they're out of energy, then recharge them using the MBP.


Thanks in advance!



MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4), 8 GB RAM ATI 6777 1 GB DDR5
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    Hi Q,


    5. Use the battery 30-60 minutes per day, then charge it all the way backup; there's no need to take it out to charge it (and you can use the MBP while charging).

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    This sounds contradictory: you want to preserve the life of the batteries by not using said batteries! And since Li-Ion batteries age anyway, by the time you finally come around to using them, they'll be dead anyway.


    Enjoy the Mac. If you have a wallplug handy, use the charger. If not, use the batteries. Once every month or two "exercise" them by running them down to 8-10% charge, then charge back up. Download the free Battery Health utility from the App Store.

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    Everything you want to know or maybe also don't want to know about MBP batteries:







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    Yeah, those links will give you the naked truth. Almost pornographic....

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    Yeah, probably because of my funny English ^^


    You know, the standard recomendation for rechargeable batteries is that they should be recharged only when thye're 100% discharged in order to expand the battery life. So for example, recharging the battery phone when it was just 50% discharged, it is said that's not good for the battery life and from that premise, I believe that it's much better for the batteries, being discharged till 0%, then recharged till 100%, then use the MBP.


    I don't know how much of truth is on that premise concerning the MBP. Just wondering how to avoid damaging the batteries. However, I'm reading the links and ut seems that the Baterry Life is quite long to worry about this (5 years "MacBook Air is designed to deliver up to 1000 full charge and discharge cycles before it reaches 80 percent of its original capacity"). that's quite a lot. I imagine that the MBP may jave better batteries, I don't know. Nor I don't know if the batteries can be replaced once they cannot be recahrged anymore.


    Thanks for the reply!



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    In lieu of these last questions, rather than rant on let me add one last link to Sir Ogelthorpe's list