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How do I maximize or raise the color resolution used by macbook pro?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    It is of course impossible to make any display panel show more color than its colorants are capable of, but you can do a couple of things; neither of which I would recommend.


    1) Increase the brightness. Doing so also increases the saturation, particularly in lighter colors.


    2) Increase the white point from the default point of 6500K to something higher.


    Bad news. Doing either, or both, will greatly reduce the life expectancy of any monitor. The more you push the colorants, the faster they go dull.


    Also, 6500K is already an unrealistically bluish white. Pushing it past that (to a higher value) will only make colors even colder looking.

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    thanks. how about the of colors displayed? is it automatic? can they be reset to factory specs?

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    is it automatic?

    Yes, in a sense. See next answer.

    can they be reset to factory specs?

    Yes. Go to the /Library/ColorSync/Profiles/Displays/ folder. That's the main Library, not the one within the System folder or your user account.


    Toss out any profiles you see in there are restart the Mac. A new monitor profile will be pulled from the system board and placed into the same folder. This will be the default profile for that model Mac. Open the System Preferences and click on the Displays icon, then the Color tab. At the very top of the listed profiles should be one above a separate line. That's the one in the Displays folder. Select it, if it isn't already, and close the System Preferences. Your Mac will now be using the factory supplied profile.


    This does not mean the color will necessarily be any better.

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    Thanks again, kurt. -

    this will be set colors back to

    standard performsnce. I never knew.

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    Yup, that does it. Doesn't mean it's a very good profile, but it's the default one for that display panel.

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    Kurt, -

    are there better color profiles in the macbook pro?  if yes, -in your opinion, which?

    I have a severe vision issue.

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    are there better color profiles in the macbook pro?

    The only true profile for any monitor is one you create yourself with a profiling hardware/software package, such as the i1 Display Pro.


    Now, before you run out and buy one, be aware that such profiles only tell the OS what that panel can actually display. In other words, there's no guesswork involved such as when you use the Calibrate function. When you create a monitor profile that way, the OS still has no idea what the monitor is actually doing.


    A hardware created profile will not suddenly crank up color you've never had before. Profiles are used to tell ColorSync what the actual color response of a given piece of hardware is, not to improve clarity. So a better profile won't do anything to help with your vision.

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    thank you, kurt. your responses are superb.