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I am CONSTANTLY being asked for my passwords for all 3 of my email accounts.  It is driving me INSANE!  Any suggestions?

MacBook Pro
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    Hi s,


    Go to Applications > Utilities > Keychain Access > Keychain Access menu > Keychain First Aid and see if that helps.

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    nope it didn't work for me,

    Somebody shifted everything from my old imac to this one and the problem has come with it, my ipad and iphone are ok mail cannot accept passwords never mind remember them.

    any advice greatly received - please ? apple genius looked at my last imac and siad i need to delete the key chain but is that a good idea ? i really hoped moving to a different computer i'd be leaving the problem behind !


    thanks in advance

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    Hi D,


    There's no reason to think moving to another Mac will leave the problem behind, as you've discovered. If it werre me, I would delete the keychain and  let it rebuild itself; you should then only have to enter a password once, get the message asking if you want to store the password in keychain, and click on Yes.

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    Hi tjk I've now deleted the keychain and I've entered passwords for everything and everything works except the same two email accounts (both Gmail) I have one other Gmail that works ok yahoo icloud and hotmail all work ok the message i get is to make sure I enter the user id and password correctly ....

    I can log in to webmail with the same login details and all accounts work perfectly on my ipad and phone.

    I must be doing something really stupid but goodness knows what! any suggestions???



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    Try going into Mail Preferences > Accounts and looking at each field for each account to see that it's the same type of entry (like like the incoming mail server is pop.gmail.com etc. remember the prefix and suffix in some fields will be specific to the email address in each account) Also re-enter the password for the two problematic accounts.

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    Tell us what build number your OS is.  There is one build of OSX 10.8.2 after 12C60 that had issues with keychain remembering passwords.  It was introduced with the first release of DL1609 update patch that Apple pushed out in November of 2012.  They fixed that patch 3-4 weeks later and rereleased it as the same number and before that they also released a patch called OS X v10.8.2 Supplemental Update which was supposed to address the keychain bug they introduced by mistake.

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    I fixed it !!!  After weeks of frustration ! It was the security for gmail, two of my gmail accounts were hacked at the beginning of December and it was suggested to me that I should use the gmail two step security I set it up on my iPad iPhone and verified other computers so I could get my mail and some how I didn't follow the instructions clearly enough when setting up two step on my iMac - application codes??  ... Argh


    Thanks for all your help guys  with this is one I will put down to experience and be a reminder to actually read and follow instructions next time .




    Drywsdad Wales