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I want to reformat my hdd and split it on few partitions but i get following problems

- Disk utility doesn't allow to split it, i check it in single user mode, nothing works

- Doesn't want to boot, I tried to boot it from  external hdd, usb, cd, dvd, nothing works, I just see Grey apple and that's it,nothing happends

I left it even like that for whole night and nothing happened

I did scan disk, check blocks etc. no errors :/ it give me some filesystem error (which i googled and it sayd you need to boot from different partition so it will work)

c, cmd r, doesnt work

starting with opt key gives me list of devices but it freezes after


My macbook pro is from mid 2010, 8 gb of ram (i did change it by myself, but works perfectly)

The os snow leopard works perfectly, but I need to split the partition

Tried to reinstall os but it stops after restart (in middle of instalation) , it gives me grey apple and thats it

I don't have original dvd, lost it some time ago, can't get new one since I moved to middle of nowhere(no apple shops or anything)

Any solution ? single user mode commands would be most helpful, id just format the hdd and split/reinstall the os from zero

Is there any chance to reformat/partition hdd from single user mode? or any software that I can boot from ?

MacBook Pro (17-inch Mid 2010), Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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