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my iphone 4s wifi is greyed out

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1
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    I have the same issue - and I've tried everything listed at that link and more.  Nothing has worked - and I've had the phone less than 24 hours.


    I took it to an Apple store to see a Genius.  They don't say what is wrong, but offered to replace the phone however BEWARE - when they say they will replace it, the often mean with a refurbished device, they will not replace it with a new device.  Because I bought mine from a different retailer, even though it is an Apple devie failed less than 24 hours out of the box, Apple will not give me a new phone - they acknowledged that it is a manufacturing defect, and couldn't understand why I was not satisfied with receiving a refurbished device.  This seems ridiculous to me - I'm a long-time, repeat customer - but that doesn't appear to matter.  I've heard great things about Apple customer service, now that I've needed it, I've found it isn't so great after all.

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    You continue to post the same thing over and over again.  All you continue to show is your ignorance for not being familiar with Apple's warranty. You should have returned the phone to the place of purchase if you wanted a brand new one.

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    just got off with tech support for same problem this is exactly what they had me do....and it worked




    reset network settings

    then click to confirm and wait for restart

    check wifi. if still grey wait 15 to 20 min and do the same thing again.. the tech support guy said if this doesnt work hardwear replacement may be nenecessary...

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    I had the same issue with my 2month old iPhone... After a half day call to apple this is that they told me to do....

    You have to connect phone to computer and back everything to iCloud and then do restore back to basically a new phone if  that doesn't work call apple they'll tell you it's a fault with in the phone it's self and you have to send it away... They are sending me a replacement phone

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    Seems to be a common theme since upgrading to IOS6. Just grayed out and no sign of any link to router

    Have done the whole reset/restore bit, and no use. Waste of 4 hours.

    IPAD works fine and my families other Apple products all work.

    Support service does not ring you back despite sending e-mail message saying they have.

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    It is a sad state of affiars for Apple and their Customers, I am too experiencing the problem. Putting in the freezer for 5 minutes seems to work.


    However, it is not  along term solution. I am particularly sadeened that Apple have not communicated with its customers and unfortunately this seems like concealment. Offerring new phones if the warranty still applies should really eb a last resort. If Apple have a major technology hardware defect they should say so. Whilst it will not kill anyone, Toyota for example had to re-call millions of cars because of a faulty accelrator problem, which unfortunatelywas found to have been the cause of a few deaths.


    I need a phone with Wifi and Blue tooth, I do not have one, what to do buy a new phone but not Apple, unless Apple come up with a solution quickly.


    How to destroy an iconic world technology leader. Steve Jobs must be rolling in his grave.




    Jeremy Fearnsides

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    gdgmacguy , I was shcoked when i read your comment, actually you are the ignorant who opens his/her mouth before being ware of the problem, I have the same issue, I boutgh my iPhone 4s from apple, now I'm in a country which has no apple support (apple support is provided by a local represntative) who has no clue whats goin on and I'm stuck with a phone that has no wireless, so please the last thing I need is an ignorant like you to speak, if you have a solution offer it otherwise shut up and get lost

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    Well, having visited the local Apple store, and spoken with one of the Genius team, it was agreed that this is a known fault with certain 4g phones, (which are manufactured in different factories), and having backed up the system, they replaced the phone, which was in warranty by 17 days, in 15 mins. Back to base, quick IOS upgrade, and restore, all working again. Now have phone with 90 days warranty. Thanks, Apple.


    Might have been a different story if it was out of warranty, though. Hope that I don't have to test it.

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    I second mthe motion. I just went to Apple Store today and customer service *****....i was delayed in my appointment and they said i have to wait for 2! not even any alternative...the manager in this location Fairview Mall Toronto, Ontario is rude too...I wonder how he became a manger of customer service when he is rude with his customers...Apple customer service *****...and once I am done with my contract...there is no way that i will go back to Apple..

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    Possible solution. After researching this for a friend (iPhone 4S) here and elsewhere online, turned out he had AppleCare and a phone call to Apple solved the problem. The Apple tech told him that this occurs in less than 1% of iPhones, and is almost always related to a glitch during a system update over wi-fi. He said people spend too much time on support boards, and should be calling Apple! (lol).

    The solution is to plug the phone with a USB cable into iTunes on a computer and do a manual "Back Up Now" of the iPhone to "This Computer", not iCloud. Then completely reset the iPhone to factory settings, using "Restore iPhone" in iTunes, or "Erase All Contents and Settings" in Settings - General - Reset on the phone. Then "Restore Backup", again using iTunes. My friend said this fixed the "grey-out" wi-fi settings slider, and restored full connectivity, and he didn't lose any data. Hope this helps some of you! (I personally had no problem with my own iPhone 5).

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    I tried all the methods listed here, but not joy. Was going to go back to the shop (was busy, so this situation persisted for a few weeks) but on one heavy cellular data browsing day, my phone battery ran out (fully depleted). After charging, the wi-fi came back. Now, it could be a combination of things that I did, but one more "scientific" method to add to the list!!

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    I have done all this, still not working

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    I have had the same problem I did fix it for about 2 hours  by putting it in the freezer but it greyed out again and

    Putting it in the freezer doesn't work anymore.

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