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Can I use Automator to put seperate files into seperate folder

Automator, iOS 5.1.1
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    You can also use AppleScript, Folder Actions, shell scripts, and a myriad of other options.


    The 'right' option depends on many factors that you haven't mentioned here. Do you want this to automatically happen any time a file is dropped in a specific folder? or do you want to choose a folder to be organized? or maybe you want something that will scan your entire disk and extricate specific files?

    Then there's the criteria for selection - what's your definiton of 'separate files'? Based on filename? file type/extension? maybe file size? or date if you're archiving old data.


    So, yes, it can be done - but you'll need to provide more data if you want more specific guidance.

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    Yes I would like this to happen automatically in one specific folder. These files are InDesign files that I would like them to go into it's each individual folder within that same folder or a sub-folder, they are on average 6mb'. The iNDesign files are the only files in this folder. Thanks

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    Hey Paul,


    So I worked out this automator workflow as a service. When you right click on the folder that has these files in them and select the service it will do what you want.


    I am including the workflow below for you to see.


    Let me know if you have any questions.




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    Sorry to hop into this post.


    I have an inverted need to this one.


    I subscribe to Fotolia's images.


    For some odd reason I have never been able to ascertain, they deliver the image in a folder labelled with the image number eg Fotolia_57922194


    Inside the folder is an Adobe Illustrator file labelled "contents.eps" with jpeg preview labelled "contents.jpg"


    All the files are labelled "contents". It plays havoc with layouts when you insert them all.


    I would like to create a smart folder with attached Automator workflow that batch works on Fotolia folders dropped onto it:


    1. Copies the folder name


    2. Renames the "contents.eps" inside the folder to for example Fotolia_57922194.eps


    3. Moves the renamed .eps out of the enclosing folder to inside the Smart folder


    4. Trashes the remaining folder with .jpg preview


    I really have no idea where to begin.


    Any wiser soul out there, can point me where to start?