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I just downloaded the latest iOS and did a full factory reset on my iTouch in hopes of getting it ready to go to a co-worker. I've been test-driving the device to see if we wanted to use Apple vs Android products for the applications we're developing for our research facility. Things were going fairly smoothly until I did this. Now, I no longer have access to any encrypted network (I have access to 2), which essentially has given me a nice paperweight I can give to my co-worker (we deal with HIPAA information that has to be encrypted). It does have access to guest networks, so I know it's a software problem (not a hardware problem). I tried calling Apple, but we're outside our 90-day limit. I thought they were known for their excellent support, but if I have to pay for fixing something their update broke (sounds like a great way to make money if you ask me), I won't be recommending it for our software development.


Anyone aware of any settings I need to dig-into to get this to work? (I feel like my hands are tied because I can't poke around in any of the directories to browse through files and settings; something I'm not afraid to do as a software developer.)

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