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I really hope someone can help me as I have no idea what to do. The situation is this:


I'm in the UK, St Helens near Liverpool to be exact! I updated my iPhone with 5.1.1 last Wednesday via wi-fi. As far as I know, everything was fine before then (I don't use iTunes store/App store daily so I can't say for certain). Yesterday, I noticed I could not access iTunes or the App store while connected to my wi-fi. I tried resetting my router, turning it off/on again, unplugging it for 30 seconds...nothing worked. I disconnected my iPhone from wi-fi and re-connected it, re-entering the password...again, didn't work. I can access them both when not connected to my wi-fi. I don't have easy access to another wi-fi source to test it on that and see if it's any different.


Now the really weird part. Tonight I connected my iPhone to my pc; my plan was to check on there for updates, sync my phone then restore it if I had to, to see if that helped fix the problem. But, when it was connected, I thought i'd check the iTunes store via my pc - and I can't connect to it through that either! Error message on my pc reads: 'iTunes could not connect to the iTunes Store. The network connection timed out. Make sure your network settings are correct and your network connection is active, then try again'.


I tried signing out with the intention of signing back in (a tip i found on another site), but i cannot now sign back in as it won't connect!


Now the really REALLY weird part! From my iPhone or pc, when connected to my wi-fi I cannot access any of the uk Apple sites, hence me coming to this US based one (as I believe it is).


I am at a complete loss. Can anybody help me??? Please???

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    Oddly enough I am in the same area (St Helens) and have exactly the same issue! I cannot access the itunes stores on any devices (2 x iphones and an ipad) or directly from my pc. The symptoms is that it just appears to hang.


    I initally saw this on my devices when trying to update my apps but on my pc I notice that it's having an issue trying to sync geniius information and when I try other store activities (check account, download podcast, etc) it just stays in a state of 'Accessing iTunes Store'


    However I can't believe it's anything to do with the area itself. Do you mind me asking which broadband provider you use?




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    Bit more of an update...


    The issues look as though they are associated with my broadband network somewhere along the lines becuase if I switch wireless off on my phone and then try to conect to the itunes store it works fine.


    Will keep digging

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    Thanks for that Craig.


    I'm with Sky Broadband. Never had an issue like this before. It does seem as if the wi-fi is the problem. I tried accessing the itunes and app stores from my phone this morning with wi-fi switched off and it was fine, and i managed to download an app via 3g when out of the house.


    Very strange. I can't seem to find answers anywhere. The one that really throws me is the fact my pc or phone when connected to wi-fi have great difficulty accessing Apple uk sites. Really weird.


    Cheers for your help, keep me updated - I'll update as well if i find any answers!

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    Another update...


    If you are with Sky for your broadband (as I am) then this looks like it the problem... it appears to be a DNS issue on Sky's side of things. The thread below contains a workaround for your PC (using a different DNS server) but this won't nescessaryily fix your devices (unless you want to start assigning static ip address information).


    I'm going to hold out now until Sky have fixed the issue to see if this resolves the error for me.


    I hope this helps.

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    Cheers! Im in work right now so will have a look at that tonight. Also, Im not the most technically-minded person, so I might be back on here asking for help about what it all means!


    Is it worth contacting Sky do you think?

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    No problem - you could contact Sky to let them know you have the issue. Can't do any harm. Personally I'm gonig to watch the forum thread to see what happens.

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    Well chaps, I'd almost given up on finding anyone with the same problem! I'm in Bolton and experiencing exactly what you describe. I shall be contacting sky tommorrow about this and shall post the reply on here. I'd do the 'open dns' thingy but I'm sure I'd mess thing up. Thanks

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    Btw, I had to use my phone on 3G even to 'sign in' to this forum just so I could post a reply. My computer said NO!! Hahaha!!

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    I feel like you, Tonicchili, I'm worried about doing the dns thing (for a start I'm not sure what dns is!). If you have any luck with Sky please let us know what they say?

    I've just been round to my in-laws and accessed iTunes and the App store via their wi-fi on my iPhone, so that pretty much nails it that it's a problem with my wi-fi. What do do about it remains a problem!

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    Looking at this Sky forum 91/page/8 that Craig sent the link to above (cheers!) it appears to be Sky problem. A lot of very unhappy people on there! Lots in the Bolton and Newton-le-Willows areas (I'm in Newton).

    Hopefully it'll be something Sky sort in the next day or two.

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    Forgive me David for only reply to this post, I'm having a nightmare even getting on this forum. I'm using the next door but ones wifi and it's not a very strong signal, keeps cutting out and then I have a nightmare getting back on! Arrgghhhh. But yes, it's definitely a sky wifi thing obviously but what to do? Ill try your link in a minute if my phone(can't use laptop at all) isn't embedded in the wall outside:) haha.. I'll post the reply from sky tommorrow. Thanks

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    Glad its not just me! phew! im in Bolton and have been trying since last night to access safari on my ipad and iphone 3gs, since upgrading to ios5.1.1 ive had problems, ive done everything restored, restarted, tried all the troubleshooters, nothing worked so i tried to acess the apple store on laptop and i keep getting the message about network problems, i too am with sky broadband, its so frustrating!

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    Hi everyone. Anyone had any luck? My situation is still the same. No access to iTunes or App store from iPhone, or iTunes store from pc. Pain in the neck!


    Anyone spoke to Sky?

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