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    A couple of informative links:




    (This article is was what pointed me to this thread)

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    wanne-eickel wrote:


    This is the font closely resembling my, after updating to .4, menu bar and window font size which has only two option either fat and unsightly, or smaller than under .3


    Whatever font you used for your last post is perfect.  Here's what the three posts up to your last post looked like (you realize we're way off topic here so we should just stop after this).




    Your original fone was about a half the size of mine.  But your last post was the same size.


    We now return to our regualrly scheduled topic...

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    DaveOrz wrote:


    A couple of informative links:




    Hopefully apple will fix this with 10.7.5 or whatever.  It dosn't really bother me, I use 10.6.5!

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    Some dissapointing news from friends in another thread:


    For 2006/2007 owners apparently this workaround not taking:

    Re: osx 10.7.4 lost display preferences



    I mentioned this in another thread, perhaps I'll have better luck here:


    I have a question for those that have had this problem and restored back.


    What DisplayVendorID Folders are located in your /System/Library/Displays/OverRides ?


    The NVIDEA has a  DeviceID 0x0395 and Vendor 0x10de.


    However none of the Folders in the OverRides directory match that.  I am curious if that is the root cause of the problem (a deleted folder).  I sorta doubt, because that would be a pretty easy fix.

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    I installed xCode, but can't find the Developer folder, nor Quartz Debug anywhere.

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    Ran into the same thing on my work machine. I had to open xCode, and install additional packages. It took me to apple where I logged in and chose to download quarts specifically. Another additional step for this workaround.

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    If Xcode 4.3.2, then, as noted by drrobotnik, you need to install the Xcode Graphic Tools package. the Quartz's inside that.

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    I'm not finding out how to do this.


    And the drop down menu I see isn't the same as shown in /WhatsNewXcode/Articles/xcode_4_3.html   (which I Googled).

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    Click on the More Developer Tools menu option.

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    OK, I started Xcode and checked every menu.   I'm not finding this.   I have Xcode 3.2.6 (1761).

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    You missed the salient part of my message: Xcode 4.3.2. For 3.2.6, the Quartz is in /Developer/r/Applications/Graphics Tools/.

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    Ahh yes.   I'm at my own computer right now, and that's where I checked for the menu option.   I loaded my wife's Xcode yesterday, but she's using her computer right now.    I'll try hers when I can, thanks.

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    I got to my wife's computer.    It has version 4.3.2(4E2002).    I looked in its menus for something that looked close to "More Developer Tools menu option", without any luck.   I searched in the help menu but didn't get a result there either.


    On my computer, I did find /Developer/Applications/Quartz on my Macintosh HD.   (no /r/).    Can I copy it to her computer and somehow run it?   Or would there be version problems?   (Or should I copy the whole Developer directory?)


    I wonder what would happen if I installed 4.3.2 on my computer.    Maybe it would update these before I copy them to hers.

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    Thank you for your courtesy. You are right.  I did not wanted to get away from the topic in question.

    Just showing the difference of my screen change, font size and Dock, after the update, which is most likely known by users with this problem.
    Also indicating my frustration to the fact that all the problems where understood by Apple before the release of 10.7.4 and just not caring.
    Time ego I used to Poke and Peek in Basic ( around 84 and I still use it on my working 2e ) but find it not proper that Today I have to download extension and apply coding in an latest OS.
    I am also fully aware if I use 10.5 or something earlier, problems like Now would not exist.
    Having said that, I appreciate very much the help given by members of this side.

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    Who feels adventurous?


    It may be something, I don't know.


    To make a very long story short, I do not have the iMac 6,1 with me. It's on a UPS truck at this very moment headed toward an excited anticipating new owner. It would be just my luck as I was setting it up over last weekend, the evil step sister 10.7.4 showed up.


    I am beyond eager to find a fix that does not involve reinstalling the OS, but unfortunately for me I can not test anything below.


    This is what I found in the past hour:


    I am using a utility called Pref Setter which assists in navigating the hundreds of .plist files.  A Mac OS equivalent, if you will; to Microsoft's Regedit.


    The plist file that holds the user selections for display resolution starts with:Screen Shot 2012-06-08 at 7.26.21 PM.png

    That long number (aka GUID) may be different on your machine, I am using my iMac 9 to write and search for this stuff.


    I am beside myself wanting to know what my iMac6,1 has in that file  AND (if only two entries) WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF I MANUALLY ADDED the ones it had before to it.


    Here is a screen shot of the contents of this file:

    Screen Shot 2012-06-08 at 7.33.09 PM.png



    Last, below is a shot of where it resides when using Pref Settings Utility:

    Screen Shot 2012-06-08 at 7.46.10 PM.png


    Even if I did have the iMac 6,1 with me, I'm not sure if I could pull the trigger actually editing the file even as a test.  I get kinda nervous messing display settings,  it's not like memory, you could actually break something with wrong input values.  Then where would you be?  You thought you had problems before.