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    If anyone is gutsy enough to try this, first you would need to have a reference copy, and second the content of these additional settings you would want to be aware of. This is the plist at the immediate root of this file called the NSGlobalDomain.


    Screen Shot 2012-06-08 at 8.04.13 PM.png

    Horrendously brief, The ColorSync is associated with the data collected when you manually go through the Display calibrate procedure.

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    Last post I promise.


    A couple more plists of interrest:





    Some settings here may not be as omenous to tinker as they pertain to the font (and size)currently being used.

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    First screenshot in this document depicts the path to the additional tools. As for you other queries, post to the developer forums.


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    Rather than doing all of that stuff, peruse Change screen resolution in Terminal. I still run SL, so can use screen (a PPC app) to do the job.

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    Dude.  Thank You!


    I now have something to test when my cuz receives the iMac6,1.  


    I just ran it on my iMac9 (which DOES NOT have this issue in this thread), and works like a charm.


    ..and I had the pleasure of experiancing first hand the bewilderment of installing Xcode as a bonus.

    I kid you not,  I was prep-ed before hand reading all these POSTs about installing Xcode, so I thought it would be a breeze.  Nah-uh.   It took about three Google searches before I could find the "tip" to get me up and going.



    One Post said after you run the install (after the download), there will be a /Developer folder.

    Buzzzzz  ..try again.


    Second Post indicated you have to go to Xcode Prefereences, and you will see a "Download" folder.

    Buzzzz   ...try again.


    Not sure which one below did it:

    1) SIGNED IN as a Developer (i.e. allowing entering Bug/Defect/Sightings)

    2) Changed my Profile and selected all kings of switches with impressive years and years of experiance.

    3) Reset computer


    THEN and only THEN, did the Download Icon make its appearance.


    Which of course is needed, ....wait for it..... to download a C compiler.


    Because who in their right mind assumes that after installing an OS SDK specifically designed for writing the code, that a C compiler would be included. 


    Message was edited by: DaveOrz  How do I select that your thread helped me..  Oh well,  you have thousands :-) ...j/k  I would like to AT LEAST do that.

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    baltwo wrote:

    Rather than doing all of that stuff, peruse Change screen resolution in Terminal. I still run SL, so can use screen (a PPC app) to do the job.

    Note that I got bit by the spell checker. CSCREEN is the CLI tool that works w/Snow Leopard. Sorry for mucking that up.

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    I am interested to hear from other 2006 owners if this method provides ABILITY to to switch to the missingn resolution choices.


    I am assuming those reading this POST realize this is a workaround (if works), providing them the  ability to switch to the resolution of covet.

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    I'm the original poster. As an update, I spent a couple of weeks with Apple tech support. Problem was not solved. Went as far as bringing my '06 iMac to Apple store and having them wipe the HD and re-install 10.7.0. It took, and brought back all the resolutions. Then had to reinstall all files and programs from Time Machine instead of migrating, This is supposedly the only way to get your programs back without re-installing the programs. It was also thought by Apple to not change 10.7.0 back to 10.7.4. Unfortunately, it did update to the backed-up version of 10.7.4 on Time Machine. I finally gave up. We decided to wait until an update can fix this. Apple is aware of it. It seems mine was the only ticket for this problem at the time, though they knew of others with the same problem. Looks like it's going to be a wait and see for a solution. Hopefully Apple will do the right thing and get this fixed.

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    A genius at my location says, since it isn't in any of his literature, we should bring it in again and he will try working on it for a day.   This time, with the current version of OSX.


    Apple is wasting money and good will by not letting him (and us) know if it is fixing the problem.

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    Thankyou for the update.  Also, sorry you had to go through all that. 

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    Please pardon me if I am doing something wrong, I think this is ok


    If anyone is interested, link below is MY compiled output using XCode 4.3.2 from the setgetscreenres article a couple of  discussions up:



    ...if you want to try it on your 2006 iMac. (or of course compile the source code from the article as I did).


    Note:  The "-l"  (or list)  option did not work on my iMac.  Who knows why, and I don't care.  It may even have something to do with the problem of 10.7.4 we are experiencing.


    Copy the file to a folder and open a Terminal window. Make the folder you copied it to your current working directory.


    Sytax to change to 1600 x 1200 for instance would be:


    ./setgetscreenres2 1600 1200


    I've compiled the latest additions in that article, so this version supports more than one Display.  I do not have multi-display setup so I can not comment on its use.


    For help, type:

    ./setscreenres2 -?


    Only thing I can confirm is the help screen works, and changing resolutions as I provided in the example above.


    (I'm still fairly new to OS X, if I need to change file permissions or something, someone let me know)


    Message was edited by: DaveOrz Use "chmod 777 ./setgetscreenres2"  to make it executable.


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    This time I read the whole article, the utility located here much better:


    The get info type commands:

    Screen Shot 2012-06-10 at 3.10.27 AM.png

    Output using above commands c and d:

    Screen Shot 2012-06-10 at 3.08.26 AM.png



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    May I add a beginner's voice to the choir without being laughed at?

    I purchased a 2011 MacBook Pro with 10.7.4 installed, on the refurb, received it a week ago and know it with no other "face" to it.

    Coming from an iMac (Leopard) with a generous display, I quickly noticed that I will be growing a hunchback through leaning endlessly with my eyes right on the screen:

    Absolutely all apps, preferences, thumbnails, etc. show up in an absolutely  tiny size (6?) which is far from adapted to my eye-sight.

    AppleCare told me to increase the font size with the usual cmd +. No other advice available.

    This is no way to work for me, and obviously not to most other people.

    Have been hunting around for two days and your discussion is the only one I have found that talks intelligently of the problem.

    What is there to do?

    How does one send a big SOS to APPLE??

    I suppose they already have a list, but in my opinion it cannot become long enough before something is done.

    Very disappointed because, otherwise, the baby is a beauty.

    Best regards to all


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    Hi Dave

    I too with my 2006 iMac afer updating to 10.7.4 only have the option of 2 screen resolutions. After dealing with a product specialist for over a month and getting nowhere I took it into an Apple store only to have them tell me they found another post of someone having the same issue with the same computer and to wait for an udate. Unfortunately after waiting Mountain Lion has now come out and honestly especially since it is new I dont even want to go there. Besides I wonder if it would resolve the resoltion issue any way besides not really needing all that Mountain Lion does. I just want to hang onto what I have for financial reasons and it is good enough for me.I read some of the post but they were like chinese to me. I have used Mac for 30 years so I am farily savvy but some of what you spoke of was over my head. In any case is there a solution for it or am I going to have to go back to 10.7.3? Many thanks, Neil