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    I just wrote to Dave but I wanted to throw this by you also. I too with my 2006 iMac afer updating to 10.7.4 only have the option of 2 screen resolutions. After dealing with a product specialist for over a month and getting nowhere I took it into an Apple store only to have them tell me they found another post of someone having the same issue with the same computer and to wait for an udate. Unfortunately after waiting Mountain Lion has now come out and honestly especially since it is new I dont even want to go there. Besides I wonder if it would resolve the resoltion issue any way besides not really needing all that Mountain Lion does. I just want to hang onto what I have for financial reasons and it is good enough for me.I read some of the post but they were like chinese to me. I have used Mac for 30 years so I am farily savvy but some of what you spoke of was over my head. In any case is there a solution for it or am I going to have to go back to 10.7.3? Many thanks, Neil

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    What was lost in this maze I made above is that I no longer have the 2006 iMac, as I sent it to a family member. 


    However, just this last week I heard that 10.7.5 had fixed this issued and I remote logged into the machine to check on it.


    Sure enough, it appears 10.7.5 has corrected the issue as I now see the other resolutions present.


    However, I did not test them, but it they are being displayed, money is on that they will work.


    Long story short, update to 10.7.5.



    One last thing -  2006 can NOT be upgraded to Mountain Lion (can't, won't, will never be, just is).

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    I just went to my wife's computer and tried to upgrade.   OSX 10.7.4 says her computer is up to date.


    I've read that 10.7.5 will have her fix - and that her computer won't run Mountain Lion (which is on my year newer computer).


    How do I get 10.7.5?

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    I was thinking that clicking on the link I provided above would have presented 10.7.5. to the affected computers.  If that was not the case, I don't know.  It happened auto-magically for my cousin.

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    That page just tells us how to set up automatic checking for uploads, which we already have on.

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    Hmm, I just went to the App Store and saw that it wants to download Lion.   So I'm downloading it now - hopefully it's 10.7.5

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    Nah, I cancelled that.   It wants to load from July 29, 2011.

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    I'm seeing a bunch of non-Apple sites for it.   I imagine those are for developers.

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    I wish I could find where I read this, but I did read that it is mislabled still as 10.7.4 (but the date is July 2012, and that is how you can tell).   That being said, I don't see it either.  It's not like I can ask my cuz either, it just happened.  My money is on a obscure driver or Safari update may have fixed it.

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    Hi Dave,


    I wondering if you still have that compiled command around. I know little about compiling, and ran into a bunch of errors trying to do it.


    I'd love to see if the command will help my screen issue.



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    I updatet to 10.7.5 it fixed my screnn resolution to the settings of old.Screen Shot 2012-11-21 at 6.20.51 PM.png

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