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Yes, is anyone out there, well, let's just keep it to the earth, who is getting this nonsense from Youtube about "matched third party content" or the fact that YOU have created a music sound track ( or even sound effects) from Soundtrack Pro ( to which you have paid the license for enabling to use the Apple loops etc) and getting knocked back by YOUTUBE because some dodgy digital company is claiming the Apple loops ( and from other sourced music software, like Sonic Pro) as their own!!!???


It is even happening when I created a soundtrack using musical typing from Garage Band!


YOUTUBE STATE: "We have disabled monetisation on the following videos because we were not able to verify that you have the appropriate commercial-use rights for all content included."


Yet, they CAN"T PROVE it's not my original work!!


It seems to be happening a lot to video/film makers around the world and is absolutely stiffling creativity. It's like Van Gogh being told to paint only square boxes and not landscapes!!


Feel free to vent the spleen!!

Soundtrack Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    I have heard of people abusing the systum by claiming work that isnt their own to. I know  Kevin MacLeod of Incompitech has had people and other companys claiming his music astheir own on youtube and ether taking peoples videos down or getting money of the advertising... Crazy. Hope youtube sorts this out soon.


    Have you talked to anyone at youtube on the phone or anything yet?

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    Hi Thanks for your reply. I would have a better chance of talking to God on the phone than anyone who knows what they are doing at Youtube/Google.


    Well, it appears Youtube's technology is absolutely hopeless. Even with original soundtracks I have done with my films, I have to prove they are mine, since Youtube have no records on file or in software of it! But I am a member of the Australian Performing Rights Associtation and I now register the film with them, APRA, so at least I can supply Youtube with documentation of a film in my name. However this is not infallabile either as APRA are ALSO hopeless on protecting your interests ( in other words they are not up on the internet technology).


    Some films I had trouble with on Youtube recently as I patiently waited for the passing of ads on them ( over a week) I ended up deleting and putting back up, and hey, presto, they passed right away. It's their system that is hopeless.


    All disputes with Apple Loops get released because the people used the same loops as me, regardless of what they call them. I have explained to Youtube/Google Australia via e-mail that they should have the Apple Loops ( or companies) on record so when any Loop shows up they instantly know it has been licensed from Apple. However this seems to be beyond their comprehension, but people who have this same problem as me, must continue to fight for their creativity, especially if you have the licences to everything.


    I use my updated GarageBand more and more now. But this copyright issue will continue to happen for a long time as sham digital companies claim not only these loops, but even public domain music as their own.