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I always thought anti viral products were not required with Apple computers.  However, I recently installed MacKeeper thinking it was a Mac product. I now think this was an error on my part.  The software seems to have slowed down my system. 


Please could someone advise me if my asessment is correct and how I might safely remove this software from my computers?  Thanks

Mac Pro, iOS 5.1.1, Also have Apple MacBook Air
  • BDAqua Level 10 (122,202 points)

    NO, MacKeeper is viral itself, a real shame that the can even advertise it!



    Disable Java in your Browser settings, not JavaScript.



    Little Snitch, stops/alerts outgoing stuff...


    Flashback - Detect and remove the uprising Mac OS X Trojan...



    In order to avoid detection, the installer will first look for the presence of some antivirus tools and other utilities that might be present on a power user's system, which according to F-Secure include the following:


    /Library/Little Snitch









    If these tools are found, then the malware deletes itself in an attempt to prevent detection by those who have the means and capability to do so. Many malware programs use this behavior, as was seen in others such as the Tsunami malware bot.


    MadMacs0 says...


    This script from F-Secure is the only one I'm currently recommending




    Open DNS also blocks the FlashBack thing...


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    Countless threads on this topic.  Try looking at the More Like This section to the right of your post.


    As you correctly surmise MacKeeper has nothing to do with Apple and is considered by many to be malware which will adversely affect your Mac.


    Look here for more details.

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    MacKeeper, being poorly written, acts like highly invasive malware* that can de-stablize your operating system. It is also unethically marketed and a rip-off, offering nothing that is not available for free.. Positive reviews of it are known to have been paid for by the developers, Zeobit.


    Further opinion on it and how to uninstall MacKeeper malware:



    Do NOT download or use the ‘MacKeeper uninstaller’ from the Zeobit site, as this will cause even more damage to your operating system.


    This is also worth reading:



    Equally phoney is iAntivirus:



    * The expression ‘malware’ is a general term used by computer professionals to mean a variety of forms of hostile, intrusive, or annoying software.

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    Belongs here



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    Many thanks for your advice.  It seems to have done the trick. 


    A point to note was that the MacKeeper_Helper file in Activity Monitor would not at first quit or even quit when Force Quit was applied.  I had to first remove the App beofre it eventually did 'Quit'.

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    I have used MacKeeper for the last 3, maybe 4 years with all my Macs, and can truley say that it has worked fantastically and really helped to keep my Mac's (I own six Mac's, 4 PC's, and 2 Linux machines) clean. I do not use their antivirus software just the cleaning portion. Recently, I started to read these negative articles here on the Apple Forums stating that MacKeeper is Malware and a Virus so I decided to do more research and find out how quickly I needed to remove this program from my Mac. I stumbled upon this fairly current article (published a few months ago, this year) by Cult of Mac a reputable and highly recognized source in the Mac Community, "Is MacKeeper Really a Scam?"  I do not aim to use Apple forums to promote my opinions so I will simply say, read this article for yourself if in doubt and you will see what MacKeeper really is. 


    I consider my computer knowledge to be semi-advanced as I have coded and built several web pages, built hundreds of PC's, setup several large scale Fibre, Cat5, and Cat6 Networks, and several small office networks (100 or less computers connected) over the past 20 years. I do not do any of this professionally as I work in the Alochol Sales Industry (Adult Beverages) specifically Wine and Liquor. So, needless to say, I am just a regular dude with an MBA who likes to read educated information and feels that everyone else should only be reading educated information. I hope the article I have linked above helps at least one person to form an educated opinion as to the validity of MacKeeper and ZeoBit LLC.


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    Silver Sides seems to disagree with your experience.  Seems the OP could not even "ForceQuit" a MacKeeper process.


    I wish you good luck convincing the OP to go against his/her experience.

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    1. Do they teach spelling in B-school KCrow11?
    2. Did you pass?
    3. Please identify the school because I want to be sure not to hire any of its graduates.




    Keep it up, you only have another few hundred ancient threads upon which to bestow your semi-advanced computer knowledge.

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    Who is John Galt? John Galt is not a railroad line, John Galt is a troll who hijacks others threads and gains satisfaction from talking down on everyone who has something to say because he feels he is the "All Knowing (Omniscient - check the spelling on that John) Apple Support Lord of the Mac Realm!"


    Be more specific John, what words do you feel are misspelled? I did my undergrad at University of Arkansas (BSBA) and my MBA is from MIT Sloan. Since you work in HR for Webster's, a highly technical field, make sure you don't ever hire anyone with a BSBA or an MBA or that attended MIT. Lord knows they would probably find your Galtistic perspectives to be too liberal to satisfy.


    Oh and about this


    Keep it up, you only have another few hundred ancient threads upon which to bestow your semi-advanced computer knowledge.


    I only picked the most recent two that google provided in a search of "Is MacKeeper really a scam, virus or malware?" These two threads in this forum were the most recent (active within the last couple months) and they were apart of my research.


    Don't take it so personally John. Did MK destroy your life or something? I find it funny that someone posts a factual posting in a thread and you have to respond to it with something negative about them and their knowledge. You have quite a track record of trolling this forum the more I look into you, all you do is talk down on people who are providing facts, not opinions. Get a life dude, go get a job, get off the couch in your mothers basement where you have your 20 mac's filled with 1000's of nudey videos and go make something of yourself. Go to bed John. It's pointless staying up late on a week night to just hack someone elses thread.

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    Frankly, I would have reported this post as being unduly abusive but that should be John Galt's privilege.    I hope he won't for it is, after all, the most self condemning of missives.

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    At the very best I consider it CrapWare®

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    what website do i download that?



  • Klaus1 Level 8 (47,745 points)

    Under no circumnstances whatever should you install anything from MacKeeper/Zeobit.


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    You're funny.  I've been using MacKeeper for months and it's fantastic. Let me repeat; FANTASTIC.

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