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I got a 32GB 4G iPod Touch on Saturday and since then, sometimes the screen acts weird. I don't know if the screen is too sensitive or broken or whatever the problem may be.


For example, I touch an app and it will either just not respond or think that I pressed a different app. If I put it in sleep mode, then it's fixed sometimes, but then when I fix it the problem just comes back again.


Sometimes when I type, it presses the wrong key, or for some reason, the top keys will not work and instead close the typing menu, so for example, since "p" is at the top of the keyboard, when I hit "p", the keyboard closes. I have weird problems similar to this on other apps, for example, in Words With Friends, the top half of the screen doesn't really work unless you zoom out all the way, which is weird and I have no idea why that happens. In 100 Floors, sometimes the touch screen works and sometimes it doesn't.


When I reset or turn off the iPod, again, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. On iTunes, I have the update 5.0.1.


What is the solution to this annoying problem?


EDIT: One of the solutions listed by Apple is:

  • If you have a protective case, or if you are using a plastic sheet or film on the display, try removing them and testing the device without it.


I have a protective case around the iPod, but not on the screen itself, but I don't see how this could affect the touch screen. Could this impact the touch screen?




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    Try this...


    Turn the iPod Off...


    Press and Hold the Sleep/Wake Button and the Home Button at the Same Time...


    Wait for the Apple logo to Appear and then Disappear...


    Usually takes about 15 - 20 Seconds... ( But can take Longer...)


    Release the Buttons...


    Turn the iPod On...



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    That does work, but it might happen again in the future.


    I also did these steps, and it was successful:

    Tip: To isolate an issue related to a portion of the Multi-Touch display, follow these steps:

    • Open the Maps application and double-tap each corner, then the center, to verify that it zooms in to each section.
    • If a specific area is affected in another application, note the location and try to verify touch functionality for that location in the Maps application.


    So I tried 100 Floors and the touch screen didn't work, but my iPod was fine, so could it be just that app that has the problem?

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    So I just restored my iPod and it's worse! Worse.


    First, I keep going to the home menu by pushing the home button, and my iPod is controlling itself! First it goes to Maps and does stuff, then it goes to search iPod and somehow it types "Y" by itself and searches for "Y" on Google... what the heck is happening to my iPod? My touches are barely responsive, as my iPod wants to controll itself.


    I bought my 32GB 4th gen iPod touch from Best Buy (in person), so can I still go to the Apple Store and replace it there? At Best Buy, I didn't buy Geek Squad, so I don't know if Best Buy would help me or not.

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    You can take it to the Apple Store and ask them to check it for you. Be sure to make an appointment first.

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    OK, I will make an appointment at the Apple Store, but since it's a defect that I didn't cause, will they replace it for free? I have a receipt from Best Buy since I bought it there, so will they still replace it at the Apple Store, or do I have to go to Best Buy?


    Thank you for your help by the way!


    Also I figured out that there is an invisible horizontal line in the middle of my iPod that won't detect touching at all. It's noticeable on Safari for example, when I scroll from the top to the bottom, there is a short delay because it won't register that middle line. It's very annoying in certain apps, such as Solitare because I can't move across the screen


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    I have been having this problem and would love to find out what your eventual resolution was.   Thanks.